1.  Introduction1.1 PurposeThis SRS (Software Requirement Specification) describe whole account system of ALLMA IQBAL SCIENCE COLLEGE BAHAWALPUR. In this documentation system structure is elaborated that how the system is working.1.2 ScopeThis system allows the admin to manage and maintain the Finance of Students and Employees….Fee Structure of Student and Salaries of Employees.Insert the data and able to view the data.Able to produce the voucher for students.When voucher is paid then fee is deducted from student fee.Administrator able to manipulate the data.System show the warning if fee is not paid.1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations.CAS(COLLEGE ACCOUNTS SYSTEM)SRS(SOFTWARE REQUIRMENTS SPECIFICATION)SQL (Structure query language). 1.4 ReferencesFox Learn (YouTube channel).Visual C# 2012 How to Program, Paul Deitel – Harvey Deitel.1.5 OverviewSRS will include two sections:First the overall description of the system and some basic requirements of the systemSecond part contains the detail functional and non-functional requirements and role of Actors/Users. 2.  The Overall Description2.1 Product PerspectiveThe system is to avoid the stress work of manage the fee records of the students .This system is a standalone system. It aims the ease to Admin user to provide the facility to make the computerize voucher and print it out. This system is intended to enhance the current manual accounts system into computerize Accounts System. The system is thus helpful to reduce time and complexity of maintaining the records.2.2 Product Functions    Some major product functionalities of the system are as follows:Voucher will generates and fee in the voucher can be manipulated.Fee information of student.Shows the fee records of the students. And if the student have any discount or have any scholarship it should be mention in that record.Display the fee records of the individual student as well as all students.Maintain the fee records.Generate the report.2.3 User CharacteristicsUser should have the basic knowledge of computer.User should familiar with data entry.User should know how to print out the data.He / She should know about some basic GUI design.He / She should have some experience in Accounts.User should have at least qualification of matriculation.General ConstraintsSome constraints are as follows:Student fee record must be store in database.User should login in order to use the system.Only admin is allowed to manipulate the data.Other faculty only allows viewing the data and they have their own login.System will be logoff after 5 minutes and user have to login again for security reasons. Local database server must be installed on the system. 2.5 Assumptions and DependenciesAdmin will be having a valid user name and password.Admin will have all the data of the student that are need to be enter in the system.CAS software is installed on the Admin side system.The data of the Student is correct and up to date.Windows operating system is available.The product should have the back-end database server.User must have basic knowledge of English.The system must be able to respond to database software within reasonable time.User must be trained for basic computer functionality. 3.  Specific Requirements3.1 External Interface Requirements3.1.1 System InterfacesUser Interface:  User software, Operating system (Windows).Database Server: SQL server.Development End: Visual studio (C#), SQL server.3.1.3 Hardware InterfacesThe following is the Hardware Requirements…Minimum Hardware RequirementsProcessor core 2 duoHard disk drives 80GB.RAM 2GB.Cache 1MB.Preferred Hardware RequirementsProcessor Core i5.Hard disks drive 160GB.Ram 4GB.Cache 2MB.Software InterfacesVisual Studio 2015.Programming language C#.Microsoft SQL Server.SQL Management Studio. Visual Studio Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows, as well as web sites, web apps, web services and mobile apps. Programming language C#C# (pronounced “C-sharp”) is an object-oriented programming language from Microsoft that aims to combine the computing power of C++ with the programming ease of Visual Basic. C# is based on C++ and contains features similar to those of Java. Microsoft SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. SQL Management StudioSQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is a software application first launched with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 that is used for configuring, managing, and administering all components within Microsoft SQL Server. The tool includes both script editors and graphical tools which work with objects and features of the server.3.2 Functional Requirements3.2.1 IntroductionUser should have the valid user name and password to use the system. InputsUsername and Password. ProcessingFetch the user name and password form the database and match with the Entered user name and password. OutputsUser will login. Error HandlingIf user name or password is incorrect then it will display the error message and if user forget the password then forgot Password option will be executed.3.2.2 IntroductionRegistration for a new user3.2.2.2 InputsUser will enter a user name, password and Email. ProcessingIf user name and Password and Email are in correct format then the data will store in the database. OutputsAfter Submitting the data successfully the system will redirect to login form. Error HandlingThe data did not enter in the database in that case the system will need to restart or check the connection with database or user enter a name that already exit then user need to try another user name.3.2.3 IntroductionThe new record is entered in the system. InputsRoll no, Student Name, Father Name, Class, Section, Fee amount, Batch session. ProcessingInsert query will be executed.The data will be inserted in the database. OutputsAfter successfully entering the data a success massage will be display and then reset the data entering form. Error HandlingThe data should be in correct format otherwise the error message will be display.If the Roll number is already in the record then try another roll number or delete the previous record.If the data is not enter in the data then check the database connection.If the system is not responding then restart the system.3.2.4 IntroductionUpdate the Record. InputsThe data will be appear in the fields and updating will done according to needs. ProcessingUpdate query will be executed.The updated record will be inserted in the database. OutputsThe successfully updating message will be appear and the system will redirect to view records. Error HandlingThe data should be in correct Format otherwise the error will generate. 3.2.5 IntroductionDelete the Specific record form the database. InputsPress the delete button. ProcessingDelete query will be executed.The data will be deleted from the database. OutputsThe successfully deleted message will be display and the system will redirect to the view record. Error HandlingThe data is not deleted from the database then try again. IntroductionGenerate monthly, six months or yearly fee report. InputsEnter the generate button and choose the monthly six month or yearly option. ProcessingThe data will fetch from the database. OutputsGenerate the report in hard copy. Or view the record in the system. Error HandlingThe device is not connected to the system or database is not connected to the system. IntroductionView the records of the students. InputsThe view records option have to be pressed. And go the options and choose the desire records. ProcessingThe whole data of the specific batch or session will be retrieving from the database. OutputsThe records of the students appear in the system. Error HandlingIf the data is not appearing in the system try again or check the database connection. IntroductionMake the Student Fee voucher for specific student or for whole class. InputsPress the voucher option on dash board and choose the specific class, fee amount etc. ProcessingThe information that is required from voucher will fetch from database. OutputsThe student record will be there in voucher design form. Error HandlingThe database is not connected and you need to connect the database or restarts the system or call the software provider.3.4 Classes / ObjectsThis section contains major classes of the College Accounts system.Class Diagram3.4.1 Administrator user Class. AttributesUser NamePasswordEmailPersonal Information3.4.1.2 FunctionsMaintain Student RecordsMake VoucherGenerate report3.4.2 Records of the students. AttributesStudent Roll#Student NameFather NameStudent ClassStudent Fee amountFee ConcessionBatch3.4.2.2 FunctionsMaintain Student Records3.4.3 Storage of admin record3.4.3.1 AttributesAdmin IdAdmin NamePasswordEmailPersonal Information3.4.3.2 FunctionsMaintain the Admin record in database3.5 Non-Functional Requirements3.5.1 PerformancePerformance requirements define acceptable response time for system functionality.The load time for the user interface load screen shall take no longer than two seconds.The database shall be able to accommodate a minimum of 10,000 records.The login information shall verify within maximum five seconds.Queries shall return the result in five seconds.The system will consume very little primary memory.3.5.2 ReliabilityThe reliability of the system is:If any errors or system is not responding then the system will recover within 2 to 3 minutes or user needs to restart the system.There will be continues change in the database when user are manipulating or retrieving the data from database.The database will be a reliable.3.5.3 AvailabilityAvailability requirements define the availability of the system.The system will be available 24*7.All cache data will be reset during every start up.There is a recovery option of the data in case the data has been lost.Default values of system data will be assigned when needed.3.5.4 SecurityThe following is the security requirements are as follows.The users have their own login.Different logins have different availability of the system. Some users have the authority of view the data and some have the authority of manipulating the data and that authority is depends upon login of the users.Restrict communication of some area of the system.3.5.5 MaintainabilityThe following is the Maintenance of the system.The user is able to reset the all the data and the data will return to the default values.3.5.6 PortabilityThe portability of the system is:C# is a programming language that is used to develop, so it is easy to port the system in any environments.The system will be run in any window base system.The system will provide the result within seconds.The chance of crash the system is minimum.3.6Logical Database RequirementsThis section specifies the logical requirements for any information that is to be placed into a database.  This may include:3.6.1 LoginUser NamePassword.             3.6.2 RegistrationUser Name.Password.Email.Personal Information.    3.6.3 Add RecordStudent Roll#.Student Name.Student Father’s Name.Student Fee Amount.Total fee.3.6.3 View RecordsAll the information of the students or student.3.6.4 Generate reportFetch the records from database and display on the system.3.6.5 Update RecordFetch the records from database and apply changing according to needs.3.7 Design ConstraintsThe system provides the security. The users have the login to prevent from unauthorized user. Only authorized users are able to manipulate the data.The system is design to check the false input.The user should know about the GUI and user should familiar with window’s application. The system has the backup to prevent the data lost.The window operating system is required for the system to run.The hardware constraints are defined in the hardware interface section.