Aqua-Nation is a hobbyist business of a college student.  Its main aim is to provide its owner a medium
to follow an interesting hobby and turn that hobby into a part time business to
gain himself some profits that other students his age get from less interesting
part-time jobs.

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Aqua-Nation will manage fresh water aquariums as well as
salt water aquarium for its clients. We will help our client in every step of
their hobby. From building up the aquarium of their preferred size and setting
up the aquarium, to cleaning it, maintaining it, and feeding the fish.  If the client wants, then they can go step by
step along with us and simply enjoy the completed product.

Our service can be taken for a variety of needs. From
those who have never had an aquarium before & need guide to setup a new
tank, we will give them all knowledge that a beginner needs in this hobby. And
also to those aquarists who is expert, we will keep updating the new knowledge
related to the hobby.

In the beginning of the store, the vendor will concentrate
on providing services to the local area. Later, the company will enlarge to provide
services to the hobbyist who is all over the Kathmandu valley.  Since this is a small hobbyist business, the
start-up expenditures are minimum.  For
the Start-up cost the fund will be provided from a family friend which is an
interest free loan.

As this business plan is written, Aqua-Nation is properly
registered with the state of Kathmandu and has been maintaining the aquarium of
its first client for four months.


2.Company Analysis:

2.1 Overview:

Aqua-Nation is listed in the State of Kathmandu. The business is owned and
functioned totally by Ram Das Sharma, who turned 20 couple of months before it
was founded.

Aqua-Nation will accomplish fresh water as well as saltwater
aquariums for its clients.  We will help
every step of the way, from setting up the aquarium, to cleaning it,
maintaining it, and feeding the fish. 
Depending on the client, they can go step by step along with us, or
simply enjoy the finished product.

We will help our clients make selections that won’t harm
their environment and help them to know about the fishes they are going to pet.
One of our main goals is to make our clients understand that the fish have life
too. If you can’t give proper care to them better don’t pet them. We will help
the hobbyist to be familiar with the aqua world.

We will concentrate on saltwater tanks mostly as it is
hard to maintain and also new in the case of Nepal. Freshwater tanks are easier
and requires less maintenance. Saltwater takes benefit of what we know how to
do. Saltwater tanks are more expected to have features, colors, and visuals
that boost an office or house appearance.

We will decorate the aquarium as per the client’s
economy. We will help our clients choose whether they want a fish only or a
reef tank as we have the knowledge on reef aquariums too due to this we can do
both. We will also make sure that all the fish of the aquarium are well matched
with each other. We will also provide advice on the best equipment and give the
best deal for it. We will do our best to match both the client’s budget and
their beliefs of the finished product that we provide them.

For the fresh water tank it’s not a big deal but for salt
water aquarium we normally visit the client’s place 3-4 days a week during the startup
process and once or twice a week afterwards for free so as to make sure that
everything’s are doing well.  We will clean
their filters or other equipment, feed fish, watch fish’s health carefully,
care for corals, trim any microalgae in the tank, check water P.H.


As Aqua-Nation is a hobbyist business planned to give its
owner a way to progress environmentally-sound aquariums and encourage the
aquarium hobby all over the valley. It should be fun, satisfying, full of knowledge,
good for the clients, and good for the owner.

2.3 Objectives

For the short term period, the main objective is to spread
my aquarium hobby by constructing and conserving a few aquariums.

On the longer term, develop this into a business that can
help the aquarist to get the updated knowledge as well as fishes and
equipment’s all over the country.

To promote the Saltwater Aquarium as it is new in the

2.4 Strategies

the visualization of a part-time hobbyist business, moving only gently and
suitably up.

be up-to-date on the ecological impact of home and office aquariums.