1-    Hardware is basically the physical
aspect of a computer or a devise. The most accurate example that I can provide
for anyone’s understanding is the screen or monitor you are currently seeing
this page in. some examples of  an input
or output hardware are, scanners, mouse, keyboard, microphone. You use the
microphone to speak to the computer and the keyboard to type and the mouse to
make a selection. A devise that I usually use to store my data in is a USB.  


2-    Software is a part of system that
instructs the computer to specific tasks. Software involves in data or instructions
compared to hardware. Other terms used at times to describe software are
Programs, Applications, Scripts, and set a set of instructions. Anything that
can be electronically stored can also be described as software. The system I use
is a mac, which runs on IOS. The Browser of my choice which I usually work with
is google chrome. One software application that usually use a lot is Microsoft

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3-     A group of people who exchange information,
contacts, and experience for professional or social purposes. I usually use a
wireless communication to the internet and it is reliable for the most part. Some
hardware aspect of networking that usually connects people to internet are modems
and Ethernet cable. Ethernet cables are usually for LAN ( local area networks).
A router connects networks together and it allows data to travel from one
network to another.


A Database is where a system collects data. Now
this data can be stored and organized so it’s more users friendly and it makes
data management easier. But honestly I believe databases have been around since
we humans started recording things. I believe as we evolved as humans we just
got around naming it and having more types of databases. One simple data base
that almost everyone has been a part of or has been in is a class registration.
It’s simply a sheet with names that’s usually ordered alphabetically. We might
not know it but as I learn more about database I realize we are involved in
them more than we think.