Environmental consultants:(their task is to indicate the risks and to find a best position for sodium cyanide plant)RISKS OF SODIUM CYANIDE USED IN MINING OF GOLD:cyanide is extremely noxious to aquatic life. Coincidental spills of cyanide solutions into rivers and sea kills large number of fish species and other sea creatures which are imperative  part of ecosystem when they drink cyanide containing water .Their death will have a negative effect on biological system.When birds and humans eats that fishes and drinks cyanide containing water they becomes a victim of cyanide too so it effects the whole ecosystem this way.Cyanide is lethal to microorganisms too which rely on dead plants and other dead material and contributes towards making of fossil fuels, in other words it effects overall all the habitats and species.Cyanide is extremely poisonous to humans .They Can may die by having an exposure to cyanide containing environment for too long.Accidents can happen while transporting cyanide products to the mining site so important measures needs to be taken to prevent such incidents.Sodium cyanide plant also contributes towards noise pollution.Sodium cyanide plant contributes to global warming by releasing some toxic gases into the environment like CO2 which is a major cause of greenhouse effect.Sodium cyanide effects vegetation too by causing soil erosion and evacuating important minerals from them. How to minimize  the risks?By maintaining cyanide  concentration at  bearable level which is one of the methods of protecting wildlife and other living things.Plant should not be constructed near residential area, as it can make living of nearby people difficult because of noise and air pollution. Cutting use of fossil fuels and relying on natural sources of energy e.g wind and solar power is the best way of reducing global warming. In order to protect sea going life it should be constructed away from all water bodies.Building it away from fertile areas to protect plants and location should be chosen where there are more sources of transport to transport.This position is the best possible which minimizes all the risks.