2. Quality protection:

i. Required shelf life

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ii. Fitness packaging material for product

iii. Barriers against light, oxygen, microbes, water, moisture

iv. Protection of flavour, colour, etc.

3. Product promotion:

i. Quality image

ii. Display value, visibility

iii. Brand name promotion

iv. Quality of decoration, printing, varnishing

4. Product information:

i. Production recognition

ii. Readability of text

iii. Instructions for use, warnings, CE-marking

iv. Information on weight, contents, keeps ability (legal)

v. Name of manufacturer, seller, importer, origin.

5. Efficiency in use:

i. Ease to handle, to empty, to open, to dispense

ii. Pack stability, firmness

iii. Environmental acceptability, disposability

iv. Child-proof

6. Convenience in use
7. Storage before handling
8. Process ability:

i. Temperature resistance

ii. Attitude of filling area

iii. Stress/crack stability

iv. Performance, quality assurance

9. Machinability:

i. Machine stop sensitivity

ii. Pack (shape) stability before, during, after use

iii. Ease of capping, labelling, printing

iv. Filling speed, temperature, opening, level

v. Volume inspection

vi. Surface smoothness, abrasion properties, glue compatibility

vi. In-line coding

10. Storage:

i. Primary pack protection, buffer

ii. Fitness for palletisation

iii. Stacking weight, strength

iv. Fitness for internal transport

11. Transport:

i. Weight/volume ratio, maximum weight

ii. Transport distance

iii. Pallet dimensions (truck load), stability

12. Trade appeal:

i. Weight, stacking performance, stability

ii. Identification of product, brand, markings, code

iii. Shelf-space efficiency, display visibility

iv. Handling outer pack

v. Disposability

vi. Anti-pilfering devices

vii. Guarantee closure

viii. Ease of refilling racks, shelves

13. Recyclability:

i. Weight minimisation/reduction

ii. No PVC, plastics; only natural materials (carton, paper, wood, etc)

iii. Returnable (glass, pallets)

iv. Contract with waste packaging destructor (Germany’s Green Dot)