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The types and sources of solid wastes : The various types of solid wastes are briefly described below: 1. Municipal wastes : These include garbage (i.e. biodegradable food waste); Rubbish (i.e. non-biodegradable solid waste from homes, offices, markets, hotels, etc.); Construction and demolition wastes: Sludges from septic tanks; wires’, conduits pipes; ashes; abandoned vehicles etc. […]

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(iii) Bad odours pollute the air as a result of decomposition of organic solid wastes. (iv) Percolation of decomposed garbage causes pollution of underground water and land. The crops and water supply gets contaminated and result in cholera, hepatitis, jaundice, gastro-intestinal diseases. (v) Rats living in solid waste dumping sites rapidly multiply in numbers and […]

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2. Anticipatory Breach 1. Actual Breach of Contract: It occurs when on the due date of performance or during the performance a party fails to perform his obligations. Thus, the actual breach of contract may be discussed under the following two heads:- (I) Actual breach of contract on the due date of performance: Sometimes, on […]

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3. Claim for Injunction 4. Claim for Quantum Merit, and 5. Claim for Damages. 1. Rescission of the Contract: When there is breach of contract by one party, the other party may rescind the contract and thus, is absolved from all his obligations under the contract. Example: X promises Y to supply him a scooter […]

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Many tour operators simply feel that they cannot design/plan tours because they do not have adequate knowledge, skills, expertise and enough ‘something’ to accomplish market requirements. However, if they approach it in a systematic, scientific and businesslike manner, can plan, design and operate tours both international and domestic. Designing and developing tours, working with retail […]