A summary of the current global and Indian crisis

(iii) Climate change (as per NASA, October 2009): For 650,000 years, atmospheric CO2 has never been above 300 parts per million. But current levels are very high due to the Industrial Revolution. Increased greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect are feared to contribute to an overall warming of the Earth’s climate, leading to a global […]

Valuable Information on Solid Waste and its Management (Types and Causes)

The types and sources of solid wastes : The various types of solid wastes are briefly described below: 1. Municipal wastes : These include garbage (i.e. biodegradable food waste); Rubbish (i.e. non-biodegradable solid waste from homes, offices, markets, hotels, etc.); Construction and demolition wastes: Sludges from septic tanks; wires’, conduits pipes; ashes; abandoned vehicles etc. […]

Short Notes on Dumping of Hazardous Wastes

(iii) Property values decrease as a result of illegal dumping. (iv) Public nuisance is created by illegal dump sites. Land dumping : Solid wastes are dumped in low-lying areas outside the city/town limits. These areas have no provision of leachate collection and treatment. Moreover, land fill gas is neither collected nor used. Advantages: (i) It […]

3 Exogenous Variables of Tourism

Moreover, demographics are thoroughly mixed up with the social trends like late marriages, couples with children in the later part of the life cycle and/or increasing number of single and childless couples. In the developing countries, in particular, a trend in terms of rapidly growing workforce is likely to result in immigration to the First […]