Blockbuster Video Analysis

The video rental industry was one of the more growing services retailers in the mid-1990s. However, due to Blockbuster, many rental video companies have failed to compete against this category killer. West Coast Video, Video City, and Hollywood Video, which are among the few and only large competitors of Blockbuster in the tri-state area. Many […]

World War 1

Chapter 1: The Right to Make WarSince 1795, when Immanuel Kant published in his old age his treatise on “Perpetual Peace,” many have considered it an established fact that war is the destruction of all good and the origin of all evil. In spite of all that history teaches, no conviction is felt that the […]


Characters:Jessica Berman-(Main Character) Recently started smoking pot and kind of paranoid. Smart girl, 17 year old senior in high school, as far as her parents can tell she is a good girl, she has never gotten into trouble in her entire life. Marissa Kramer- an aged veteran in the pot scene. She is outgoing, wild […]

Blakes poem

Songs of Innocence and Experience. (1794)by William Blake. Songs of InnocenceIntroductionPiping down the valleys wildPiping songs of pleasant glee,On a cloud I saw a child,And he laughing said to me: Pipe a song about a Lamb:So I piped with merry chear. Piper, pipe that song again –So I piped: he wept to hear. Drop thy […]

God And Doubts

“Mommy, I’ve killed God.” You wanted a scar; there it is, plain as day(no two-level, deep meanings attached). My scar isn’t external, nor, do Isuppose, is it internal. Heck, I don’t know what it is but all my life I knowit’s been my scar, my burden. I have a problem with Christianity. But I don’tshow […]

Oscar Wildes The Importance Of Being Earnest

Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being EarnestWhile some critics contend that The Importance of Being Earnest iscompletely fanciful and has no relation to the real world, others maintain thatOscar Wilde’s “trivial comedy for serious people” does make significant commentsabout social class and the institution of marriage. These observations includethe prevalent utilization of deceit in everyday […]

Happy Thoughts

pic | |||Happy Is the People Whose God Is Jehovah!|||- Dan Sydlik (Bethel Family)||||||We can literally feel the happiness here. When we are happy we |||wish life would never end. ||||||Happiness isn’t optional. Jehovah commands us to be happy. De |||16:13-15. He say’s you must rejoice. What is Happiness? It is |||the outward manifestation of […]


Feudalism, contractual system of political and military relationships existing among members of the nobility in Western Europe during the High Middle Ages. (It had nothing to do with blood feuds; the two words came to be spelled alike in the 17th century, but have no etymological relationship.) Feudalism was characterized by the granting of fiefs, […]

Marx And Nietzsche

Word Count: 4155Society is flawed. There are critical imbalances in it that cause much of humanity to suffer. In, the most interesting work from this past half-semester, The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx is reacting to this fact by describing his vision of a perfectly balanced society, a communist society. Simply put, a communist society is […]

Dissertation on Pain

Pain is a universal constant. It is a reaction to anything detrimental to one’s well-being or comfort. In any form of reality, it must exist. Pain is never any easy experience, but it is necessary. After all, can one truly appreciate pleasure without pain? Or realize the relief that comes when pain is absent? Pain […]