SOROTAN PENYELIDIKAN Kajian mengenai penurunan penontonan filem Melayu Malaysia masih kurang dilakukan di negara ini, berbanding filem antarabangsa termasuk Hollywoood yang menarik ramai sarjana filem mengkajinya. Pelbagai faktor boleh dihubungkan dengan pola tontonan antaranya umur, jantina, tahap pendidikan, tujuan, genre, teknik lakonan dan mutu filem. Kajian yang dilakukan oleh Faber, O’Guinn dan Hardy (1988), untuk membandingkan penonton […]

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INTRODUCTION According to existing literature, ‘diversity’ within teams has been described as a double-edged sword which means that it can lead to both positive and negative effects concurrently. By ‘diverse team’ we mean a workgroup whose members have different identities or perspectives, as opposed to a group that contains members of a minority category (Kannan […]

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Franz Kafka-The Metamorphosis (Dönü?üm)          There are lots people who have a relationship based on interest. When I read this book I thought lots of things about relationships. Franz Kafka thinks so deeply and he decided to write this book to tell alienation. Why do people change or why they become alienated? Did […]

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Welcome to this blog post. In this post, today, I’ll be talking about some top secrets that Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) experts don’t want you to know. Of a truth, SEO is a complex world and the mere mention of the word scares people. It is an inexplicable part of internet marketing that confuses anyone […]

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INTRODUCTION Agile Software Development is an approach that involves continuously evolving of solutions, plans and requirements through combined effort of self-organized teams and the end users 1. This approach was brought into picture to overcome the challenges faced earlier while using plan-driven methodologies like the waterfall model that focused more on strict plans, creating and […]

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Over two years after PM Narendra Modi announced the launch of Smart Cities Mission, the Center on Friday 19 January, added nine more urban communities to seven states to the rundown, taking the smart cities in the mission to 99   The mission was declared with an objective of changing 100 urban communities into Smart […]

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The Limits of PowerIn chapter 1, “The Crisis of Profligacy,” Bacevich portrays Americans as wanting too much. We are depicted as a society that is bedazzled with a culture of “full of rights”. We as Americans expect others to accommodate to our lifestyle because we always want more. It describes our modern society, who ever […]

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As an influential philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer, Galileo Galilei, who is also known as Galileo, made many advances in many different areas, but especially in astronomy. Galileo was a professor and the head of the mathematics department at Pisa University and later did the same thing at the University of Padua.  He conducted many experiments […]