2. Anna Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is located at a distance of 32 km from Chennai (TN). It has 28 species of mamalia. Elephants, languors and chimpanzees are found here in abundance.

3. Bhitarkanika National Park:

It is located near Paradeep beach (Orissa). A motor launch can be hired form Dangmol to arrive at Chandibali and Rajnagar; the time taken by the motor launch is 3 hours. Tourists can arrive at Chandibali to enter into the park.

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The area of the park is 367 sq km. It has crocodiles, sea turtles, water monitor lizards, deer and several species of migratory birds. Old forts, temples and ancient pottery specimens can also be seen here.

4. Chilika Lake:

It is located in Orissa. It is the largest lake of our country. It is located at a distance of 100 km towards south-west of Bhubaneshwar. It is well connected by road to Bhubaneshwar. Nearly 600 types of birds arrive at this lake from Iran, Central Asia and Siberia during winters to stay here when their original habitats are freezing.

When summer comes, they fly back to their native places. Many of them also stay back. Boating and water sports are some of the charms associated with the lake.

5. Crocodile House:

It is located at a distance of 42 km towards south of Chennai (TN). It was set up by Romulus Whitaker in 1976. One of the longest crocodiles in the world (7 m) is found here.

6. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is located at a distance of 75 km from Dharwad. It is located in Karnataka. It has tiger, cheetah, gaur, elephant, deer, bear and king cobra as its popular residents.

7. Gir National Park:

It is located in Sasan Gir village (Gujarat). Its total area is 1,412 sq km. It is a residential area of the Asiatic Lion. Besides, it is also the home to more than 2,000 (wild cows) nilgais, 1,000 chinkaras, langoors, leopards, sambhars, cheetals, chausinghas and wild boars.

Sasan Gir is connected by road and rail to Junasad and Veraval. Hotels are limited in number. Tourists can have the best fun from mid- October to mid-June. They can call at the phone number 011 -23 74405 (Gujarat Tourism). They can explore Error! Bookmark not defined for more details.

8. Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is located in an area of 186 sq km (of the plateau of Chhotanagpur) in Jharkhand. It has sambhar, blue cow (nilgai), cheetah, deer, cheetal, leopard and wild cat as its main residents.

9. Jaladpara Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is located in an area of 116 sq km in West Bengal. It is located near Fansoling (Bhutan). The river Toresa passes through its territory. Here, forests of sal, sheesham and khair are found in abundance. Besides, the one-horned barahsingha, elephant, wild boar, deer, leopard, gaur, and gawal are also found here.

10. Kangar Valley National Park:

It is located in Bastar (Mad -ya Pradesh). It has a large variety of fauna and flora that are typical to the central Indian region. The famous Tirathgarh waterfall is located here. Its height is 300 ft above the ground level. Tourists should take a train to Raipur from any part of India; they can check rail routes from Indian Railways for this purpose.

Raipur is also connected to many cities of India by air. From Raipur, which is also the capital of Chhattisgarh, tourists would have to take up a 6-hour journey to Jagdalpur. From Jagdalpur, Bastar is just a half hour drive. The national park and waterfall are located in the same region. Buses are more abundant than taxis.

11. Koringa Bird Sanctuary:

It was established in 1978. It is located quite close to Kakinada (Andhra Pradesh). The nearest railway station and bus stop are at Visakhapatanam. Trains can be used to arrive at Kakinada. From this place, local buses can be used to arrive at the sanctuary. This picturesque spot has a large variety of birds. It is a paradise for ornithologists.

12. Matheran:

It is located in Maharashtra in Sahayadri Hills. It was developed as a tourist spot by the British. Tourists can enjoy the environs of the Matel fall, Harison fall, Simpson water reservoir, Walkrus water reservoir, Ram Mandir and Charlotte lake at this famous spot.

13. Mysore:

The zoological park located in the heart of the city has a large variety of dee I giraffes, monkeys, birds and other nocturnal animals. This park is an ideal destination I children. It is located on the road to the mountain where the famous Chamundeshwa I Devi’s temple is located.

14. Nagarhole National Park:

It is located at Kodagu (Karnataka). It was set up in 1955.1 I this national park, one can see leopards, sambhars, monkeys, wild cats, jungle dogs, elephant, etc.

15. Namdapha National Park:

It is located at a distance of 140 km from Dibrugarh (Assam). Its height varies from 200 m to 4,500 m. Various types of the cat species are found here.

16. Nandankanan Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is located at a distance of 10 km from Cuttack (Orissa) It has 20 white tigers as well as tigers of other types. Besides, it also has leopards, cheetah) striped leoprads, ghariyals, etc. it also has a bewitching botanical garden.

17. Peechhigaon Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is located near Trichur (Kerala). It has a large variety of fauna. It is also a famous spot for boating purpose.

18. Point Kalauiere Wildlife and Bird Sancturary:

This is a famous wild life reserve of Tamil Nadu. It is spread in an area of 17 sq km. It is a coastal wildlife sanctuary. It attracts migratory birds. Here, nearly 243 species of birds are found. It is the largest home to swans in Asia. Other fauna of this area are-wild boarder, mainah, parakeet (kathfodwa), ababeel and robin.

19. Silent Valley National Park:

It is situated in Palkad (Kerala). It is located on the bank of river Kunti and its area is 89 sq km. Nearly 1,000 species of plants are found in this park.

20. Simlipal National Park:

It is located in 2,750 sq km of area in Orissa. It is a thickly forested area. Twelve rivers pass through this area. There are 22 different species of wild life in this park. Out of these tiger (nearly 100 in number), elephant, leopard, wolf, cheetal, sambhai, deer and gaur are some of the species found here. Nearly 220 species of birds are also found here.

21. Sunderbans Tiger Sanctuary:

This sanctuary is located in West Bengal. It is spread in an area of nearly 2,500 sq km (in the Ganges Delta). There are nearly 300 Bengal Tigers in this sanctuary. Besides, it also has wild boar, snakes, monkeys, tortoises, etc. In the Sajnekhlai wild life sancturary, water birds have been protected.

22. Zoological Garden of Delhi:

It is the “Hy zoo of the capital of India. It is located on Maihura Road in Delhi. The distance of this zoo from the historic Purana Quila is only 500 m. It is the home to a large number of birds, langoors, monkeys, lions, crocodiles, rhinoceros and fish. It is an ideal place for enjoying a picnic too.

Children come from all parts of India to see the wild animals that are tamed here after their stay in their cages (and training by experts). The Would Life Department of the Government of Delhi manages the zoo, Tickets are reasonably priced.

The zoo can be accessed by road form all parts of Delhi. Taxis can also be used to arrive at the spot. Tourists are advised to feed eatables to animals. They should complete their stints in the zoo latest by 7:00 pm.