Param Vir Chakra:

This is the most prestigious Award, decorated to the defense service personnel for their extraordinary courage, velour and sacrifice shown during die war either in Indian or foreign soil. But it is moseyed awarded posthumously and seldom, when a person is alive! This award is made of Bronze.

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Mahavir Chakra:

Rank wise, it is the second highest award presented exclusively to men/ women in armed forces for die same cause above. It is made of silver.

Vir Chakra:

The Third highest award, made of silver, conferred to die officers and men serving in die Army, Navy and Air Force for die same cause mentioned above.

Ashok Chakra:

A gold coated award given to honor the men/women in die defense, whose undaunted act of pre-eminence or sacrifice is praise-wordily.

Kirti Chakra:

Made of silver, this award is distributed to personnel in die armed forces obviously for die valor, exhibited by them.

Shaurya Chakra:

This is made of bronze metal. It is given for gallantry and other bravery acts, exclusively for die defense personnel.

Similarly there are many notes worthy awards, namely Sena Medal, Nao Sena Medal and Vayu Sena Medal.

Of course, dire are many other distinguished sendees medals, like Param Vishist Seva Meda, Arti Vishist Seva Medal and Vishist Seva Medal.

There are also many awards for activities like Sports, Music, Theatre and Bravery by an individual or children.

However, it is the sacrifice by the men in the armed forces that needs special mention. Let us join hands to appreciate those brave hearts like Major Unnikrishnan, who had laid down his dear life while combating terrorism.