Our national emblem is the four lions’ head on top of the Ashoka pillar. The bottom portion of which is decorated with the Dharmachakra. It has a horse on the left and a bull on die right.

The slogan, ‘Trudi alone triumphs,’ translated from Upanisha Sathyameva Jayate, is inscribed at die bottom. (It was adopted on die day of Republic Eve, on January 26, 1950).

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National Bird:

Peacock is our national bird. It is the mount of die great warrior God Subramaniya Swamy, better known as Karthikeya and in Tamil Nadu as Muruga.

National Animal:

Our national animal is the mighty Royal Bengal Tiger. Apart from being most powerful, Tiger is a very beautiful animal. And of all the wild animals, he was a gender one! Yes. According to Jim Corbett, die greatest hunter who had shot down 429 man-eating tigers, a young and healthy tiger normally does not attack human being! How nice!

National Flower:

And Lotus is our national flower. Lotus is an ancient flower, abode of Goddess Lakshmi of weald. This flower had figured in Indian Mythology, Folk tales, Literature, Puranas and the like.

National Tree:

Banyan tree is our national tree. Of all the trees, it is the biggest one with many aerial roots.

National Fruit:

Our national fruit is Mango. It is said that mango is the king of fruits. Wow! Even the very thought waters the mouth, doesn’t it?

National Game:

Our national game is Hockey. But the sad part about is that, cricket has swallowed up this game. Worse, the govt remains mum about it! Our politicians are too busy in making money and fooling us to promote Hockey!