Everyone should know what is human resources management knowledge and what are the objectives and functions of human resources management.Definition: It is the administration that performs the administrative functions of acquiring, developing, compensating and maintaining individuals in order to achieve the objectives of the establishment.Objectives of Human Resources Management:1. Organizational objectives: coherence, cooperation and coordination between human resources management and other departments of the Organization.2. Functional Objectives: The Human Resources Department shall perform the functions of individuals, including ensuring the continued flow of the Organization’s human resources, ensuring the maximum utilization of the Organization and maintaining its continued desire to work with the Organization.3. Humanitarian objectives: Satisfying the management of human resources to the needs and desires of employees by providing opportunities for them and providing policies that serve their interests.4. Social objectives: To achieve the objectives of the society from the operation of individuals according to their abilities, and commensurate with the laws and legislation for workers and protect them from the dangers of work.Human Resource Management Jobs:1. Administrative functions: the management of personnel is shared with other departments.2. Specialized functions: carried out by the Department of Human Resources alone, including:a*. Human resources creation: that is, the recruitment of the necessary human resources to achieve the Organization’s work.B*. Development and training of human resources: in order to raise the efficiency of employees.T*. Human resources reward: by raising wages, compensation, bonuses and incentives.W *. Integration and integration of human resources: by providing compatibility between management objectives and employees’ objectives.C. Preserving human resources and protecting them against the dangers of work, accidents and diseases, and protecting them from destitution and need after reaching retirement age.