Bangaluru wears the multi-faceted outlook, both modern and also portrays our cultural heritage. The Bull Temple of Lord Shiva stands as a pride of the nation. Built in 16the century by the then, Raja Kempegowda, it represents the Dravidan Style. And then there is Tippu Sultan’s summer place, built in 18th century, however, the main city remained Srirangapatna. Tippu Sultan is better known as the Tiger of Mysore.

Mysore is another place to delight anyone. It is about 140 km away from Bangaluru. It was the capital city of the then Wodeyar dynasty, ruled since 14th century. At Chamundi hill top, there is a famous temple called Chamundeswari Temple.

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Another attraction is the Srirangapatna, about 12, 5 km from Bangaluru. It was the capital of Tippu Sultan. Still there are parts of the fortress and its ramparts on the bank of the river Kaveri which quenches the thirst of Karnataka state.

The Kesava temple at Somnathpur is worth mentioning. It was built in 1268 by the Hoysala kings. Nandi hills, which is about 60 km from Bangaluru adds pride. It is 1600m above sea level! It was from here that Tippu tossed his enemies down the steep hill.

The Banerghatta national park is vast with 104 sq. km area sanctuary for the wild life and birds. Of all the important places, Sravanabelagula standing a little over 17 meter height is the statue of the Jain saint Bahubali, also known as Gomteeshwara. It was built in 981 AD by the kings of Gnaga on the peak of Indiragiri hill.

Similarly, Bangaluru has abundant delightful things to offer. The palace of Mysore, Secretariat building, ‘Vidhan soudha, ‘lalbagh gardens, Iskon temple and what not? Visit once and feel all the thrills!