A student who shirks burning the midnight oil for his studies and resorts to using cheap methods and short-cuts gradually becomes fully and uselessly dependent on these easy means of approach. As he grows, he develops neither respect for hard-work nor does he grow to be a correct human- being. He becomes a liability for the society.

It is true that in today’s world only such people seem to be earning money. It is, however, also true that a stage comes in these people’s life when they suffer because of the wrong attitude developed early in life. They lose respect, name and prestige when their weaknesses are exposed!

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As is the case of an individual, so is it with a Nation. No country can hope to become great and prosperous, if it remains solely dependent on foreign assistance for its development. A nation has to rely on its own strength and resources for achieving self-sufficiency. If a nation lacks money or resources, it can hope to obtain them through international aid.

However, the moral courage and attitude of hard work are missing; it cannot achieve it by begging from others. In order to attain riches, prosperity and respect, a nation must, therefore, consciously pay attention to developing its human and natural resources.

It should thoughtfully utilize all its loans and internal assets wisely so that a stage may come when it may stand on its own feet. This means that if we have to develop ourselves into good citizens and a respectful nation, we must learn the value and importance of self-help.