He and his scientist-friend who has co-authored the book have made various suggestions for improving India in every respect. If these suggestions are implemented India will certainly rise to great heights. From a developing nation it will become a developed nation having an equal rank with Japan, China, Britain and the USA.

Leaders like Abdul Kalama are great patriots. President Abdul Kalama strongly believes in the youth power. That is why leaders warn again and again that the youth should not be misguided by politicians. They should be disciplined and do their duty to their families, to their nation. Are they not the future pillars of India? On their shoulders rests a heavy burden. So they should prepare themselves for the task ahead from now onwards when they are in school.

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Abdul Kalama’s name was proposed by the former Prime Minister, Atlas Bihar Vajpayee, for the President ship and he was the unanimous choice. Abdul Kalama knows music. He can quote many couplets from Thirukkural. He hails from the island, Rameswaram, a famous pilgrim centre. He was born in a fisherman’s family. Not only the little island Rameswaram but also the whole nation is proud of him. He is a world celebrity.

The youth should have an adventurous spirit. They should be adventurous enough to explore the unending dimensions of space. Instead of just studying in school and college, passing examinations and being employed the youth should contribute to the nation’s scientific and technological development by making inventions. As the great scientist- President emphasizes the youth power is quite vital for the growth of India in all fields.