A roguish man has a forceful personality but he has developed his negative qualities. He is dominant and scary and wants to take advantage of others’ weakness of timidity and lack of self-assertiveness. Personality development always means developing the positive qualities like courage, self-confidence, perseverance and winsome manners.

A candidate for an interview should be impressive when he talks to the interviewer, should he self-confident and should be ready in answering the questions put to him. He should impress the interviewer as a person who has self-confidence.

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Compassion for others, readiness to help others in distress, determination to face dangers and the courage to stand face to face with a cunning enemy are the ideal qualities of an exemplary personality.

A person who has a strong personality is on his way to success. His character itself assures him success. If you are bent on success you will achieve it, for, you have the inestimable strength of personality.

A great personality in any field, whether it is politics, literature, science, art or education, has distinguished himself by his extraordinary mental faculties and characteristics. A politician through his singular devotion for the cause of the downtrodden and the oppressed leaves indelible imprints on the sands of time. Maharini Gandhi and Nelson Mandela have carved a niche for themselves in the hearts of one and all, because of their boundless compassion for humanity, which was the great strength of their personalities. Their unceasing struggle to lift the masses from the mire of ignorance and poverty has made them immortal.

Shakespeare, an exquisite poet and playwright, is a marvellous literary personality of all time. Centuries have rolled by and we read and re-read his works with unquenched thirst for the heady sweetness of his poems, for the distilled essence of their wisdom, for the singularly enchanting style of his plays. A great musician, the late M.S. Subulakshmi, enthralling audience after audience through the years, has left us marveling at her honey-sweet melodies. MR. Hussein’s paintings reveal his highly insightful personality.

The subject of personality development allows us amazing scope to improve our personalities mending the defects in us and adding to our positive qualities.