3. Examine, with respect to any matter relevant to any of the purpose aforesaid, the employer or any contractor from whom any amount is recoverable under Section 8A his agent or servant or any other person found in charge of the establishment or any premises connected therewith or whom the inspector has reasonable cause to believe to be or to have been an employee in the establishment;

4. Make copies of or take extracts from any book, register or other documents maintained in relation to the establishment and where he has reason to believe that any offence under this Act has been committed by an employer, seize with such assistance as he may think fit, such book, register or other documents or portions thereof as he may consider relevant in respect of that offence.

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5. Exercise such other powers as the Provident Fund Scheme and Insurance Scheme may provide.

The Inspector for the purposes of (i) inquiring into the correctness of any information furnished in connection with the Pension Scheme; or (ii) ascertaining whether any of the provisions of this Act or of the Pension Scheme have been completed with in respect of an establishment to which the Pension Scheme applies, exercise all or any of the powers conferred upon him under clause (a) to (d) discussed above.

The provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898, shall so far as may be, apply to any search or seizure under this Act, as they apply to any search or seizure made under the authority of a warrant issued under the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898.