In the modern time the social advancement of the girls is highly favored. It is foolish to think that there should be separate schools and colleges for boys and girls. Though there are schools and colleges separately for boys and girls in most of the schools and colleges there is coeducation.

There is nothing wrong if boys move with girls. But they should move with one another decently and with discipline. In foreign countries like the USA dating between boys and girls is common. In India our culture does not allow boys and girls moving freely with one another. Dating between boys and girls is not common in our country. Though there are instances of love marriage in India most of the marriages are arranged marriages. It is good that boys and girls should study together in schools and colleges. They will understand one another. But they should not think of sex. In these days of AIDS sex with anyone one likes is undesirable. Both boys and girls studying in schools and colleges should observe the norms of morality.

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The sociological changes have brought about a social revolution and feminism has taken deep roots in modern time. Women fight for their social rights through organised movements and the leaders of these movements are powerful. They rise in protest against the injustices done to women. Sometimes we hear of cases of suicide by women as they are harassed and ill-treated in the institutions in which they work. Even in schools and colleges boys humiliate girls by making fun of them, by their scurrilous talk of them and this is highly objectionable. Some time ago there was a women’s police squad which stood guard in public places and the members of the squad arrested males who teased girls and women. When males take the liberty of putting innocent girls to shame girls should not be afraid of the presence of males in their midst. They should protest against any insult to them and as a group should deal with the mischievous males who think that they are unchallenged.

Coeducation gives the girl students an opportunity to show their courage in the face of insults. They are in no way inferior to the boy students and they should effectively deal with the miscreants. ‘Tit for tat’ should be the girl students’ policy. Of course, modesty is a girl student’s natural quality but in testing times when they are humiliated by the boys they should rise to the occasion. Girls and women should protest against insults to them and call the police if there is a need.