Blood flow increases to some parts of the body by doing certain Asana. Some Asana tone up your muscles and nerves.

There are many books on the various types of Asana with pictures and descriptions of the Asana. You can buy and read them. But the Asana should not be practiced without the guidance of an expert teacher. There are centers in some towns and cities for teaching Asana. It is good to undergo training in the centers and then you can practice the Asana at home. It is learnt that a great expert has started some centers in the USA to teach the people Asana. He has many disciples. The great expert can lift something heavy with his toe, it is said.

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Some great Yogic masters can hold their breath for some minutes. The Asana can make a person do marvelous feats. Some float on water and this is also a kind of Asana. Practice of the Yogasanas will do much good to the students. Schools can conduct Yoga classes for the students with the help of an expert.

There was a demonstration by a woman on the incredible feat of rolling on glass pieces. A motorbike rider rode his bike on a plank placed on her chest and below her was a layer of glass pieces. Lying on the layer of glass pieces she bore the weight of the bike and its rider without the least trace of discomfort. As the bike pressed on her the sharp glass pieces should have caused her pain. She was clad in a sari. As she got up after the bike rode over her she was as normal as anyone around her. Everyone around her congratulated her on her feet and it was really a wonderful feat. She had won the black belt in Karate. She was an expert in Yogasanas. She said that she had done that feat many a time in her life and that she was awaiting recognition by the world. She wanted that her feat should be included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

It is good to conduct classes for the Yogasanas in schools and colleges. Just as there are classes for physical training, classes for the Yogasanas should be started and they will help the students. Schools and colleges should think of allotting a class for the Yogasanas at least once in a week or the Yogasanas classes may be conducted after the school or college hours and they must be made compulsory. The intelligence of the students can be increased by the Yogasanas.