What would be my priorities as the Prime Minster of India?

First of all, I would try only the time-tested, honest and dedicated ministers in my cabinet. I would appoint only those who are renowned, successful specialists in their respective fields. I would not allow anybody to impose himself on me by flattery. I would direct the ministries to appoint their officers on the basis of merit, rather than recommendation.

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Next, with the help of my ministers, I would turn my Mention to the various problems facing the country. The problem of illiteracy would be tackled first. There would be and compulsory, primary education for all. Adult literacy classes would be held in villages and urban slums. The standard of higher education too would be raised.

Scientific research would be encouraged and scientists would get sufficient facilities and incentives to remain in the country rather than settle abroad for the sake of money and international fame. No efforts would be spared to provide them with the best facilities for research, comparable to anywhere else in the world, in addition to giving them attractive pay-packets.

School and college going students will be asked to spend their winter and summer breaks in rural areas and teaches compulsorily at least two children each. They would also be required to adopt nearby slums or villages for development work. This would be made necessary before they are allowed to join the next classes.

Industry and farming would come next. Sufficient funds and facilities would be made available for new and old industries. The export and import policies would also have to be reviewed for simplification and for the maximum benefit to come for the good of the nation. Industry and farming are, actually, co-related and inter-dependent.

None of them can progress in isolation. Industries would not prosper, unless they are provided with sufficient raw material, which is only possible with agricultural growth. Likewise, farming would lag behind, if it does not get the base material, like good manure, seeds, insecticides, advanced and latest agricultural tools and implement and regular supply of power at confessional rates. For all of them, industries have to flourish.

Serious attempts to check population explosion by educating the people through the media. The problem is more serious amongst the people in the rural areas, uneducated and poor masses, and those living in slums in big cities. Due incentives in jobs, taxation, housing and self-employment would be given to those who opt for small families.

The people with large families would be made to realize their mistake, as for them there would be higher rates for electricity, water and housing. They would not have the benefit of getting subsidized ration, free medical aid and education.

Unemployment is another major problem facing specially the youth. I would encourage people to take up self-employment schemes which would also absorb others in the job-market. For this, easy bank- loans would be made available without any complicated paper work.

The problem of communalism is an old, chronic problem. Merely making laws cannot check the ill-feeling of one community towards the other. Therefore, I would try to educate the people to follow the best of Indian traditions and live together in peace and harmony. This has to be taught right from the beginning from the primary stage onwards.

Sincere efforts will have to be made to make the people forget petty differences of caste and creed. Caste-oriented educational institutions would not be allowed to flourish, reservation of posts on the basis of caste would be done away with and inter- caste marriages would be encouraged.

Further, I would try to maintain strong defense services which would always be in readiness to ward-off any danger to the country. We would also have the most modern defense equipment. Finally, I would maintain good international relations with all countries so that peace and goodwill is maintained.