A tortilla
chip is a Mexican snack food made from corn tortillas.  Tortillas means “flat bread” in Spanish. They
are traditionally made from corn, vegetable
oil, salt and water.

Corn tortillas have high nutritional
value. Tortilla was first introduced in the United States of America by Latin
Americans from southwestern states. Tortilla chips are triangles, rounds, and
rectangular chips.

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Tortillas are traditionally made
from corn however with the incorporation of millets will enhance its
nutritional value even more. India is the largest producer of millets, having a
share of 45% in the world. Millets are small
seeded grass that grows well in dry zones as rain fed crops under marginal
conditions of soil fertility and moisture.

 The manufacturing of tortilla chips has not
changed much since ancient times. Traditionally tortilla preparation includes
cooking corn, soaking for 8 to 16 hours and is the passed through a grinder and
corn masa is formed. Tortillas are made from corn masa and baked. With
incorporation of millets the nutritional content of tortillas chips could be


Rebecca Webb Carranza  was the one who popularized tortilla chips.
Carranza use the rejected  tortillas from
her machine and deep fried it after cutting it into triangular shape  which turnout to be a popular snack and she
sold in a bag at the El Zarape Tortilla Factory. In 1994, Carranza was awarded
the Golden Tortilla award for her contribution to the Mexican food industry.

Tortillas have been made in the same way since
it was started. It is always been served as a table snack

Foxtail Millet is known to have been the first domesticated millet.  Millets have always been in diet of
Indian, Chinese  and  Korean  societies.
For example, some of the earliest evidence of millet cultivation in China was
identified  around 8300–6700 BC in which where found in pits. 

Millet spread its way
from China to the Black Sea region of Europe by 5000 BC. Wild ancestors of Pearl Millet were found domesticated in the Sahel region of
West Africa. Pearl Millet in Mali were found 
back in 2500 BC and Pearl
Millet is found in South Asia by 2300 BC.

Finger Millet is originally from East Africa and was cultivated before the third millennium
BC and has spread to South India by 1800 BC.