This study was carried out to assess the 
antioxidant  status of rats fed
diet  incorporating catfish contaminated
with crude petroleum  oil treated
with  Monodora
myrstica extracts. Thirty albino rats of weight 180 to 200 g were used for
the experiment and they were divided into six 
groups of five rats each.  The
grouping were as follows, group  1:  control, group 2: rats were fed crude
petroleum oil contaminated catfish diet (CPO-CCD) only, group 3: CPO-CCD plus
tween 80, group 4, 5, and 6 were given CPO-CCD 
and treated with  M. myristica water extract  (MWE), M.
myristica ethanol extract  (MEE) and M. myristica diethyl ether  extract 
(MDEE). The experiment lasted four weeks. The results showed significant

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