An artist is often associated with someone who has the talent or skills to create something. To dream of an artist is related to our creativity, our talents, our skills, and our ability to manifest our desires. It can also be a symbol of our ability to express our emotions and creativity.Artwork often gives us a clue into what we are trying to create for ourselves in our lives. Think about the current progress of the artwork: Is it just beginning? Almost finished? A complete masterpiece? Your feelings about the overall painting will also show you some important insight into what emotions and what current life events are present.Here are some possible dream interpretation meanings for dreaming of an artist and artwork:To dream that you an artist:If you are an artist in your dream, this could be a way of showing you that you have the ability to create your life exactly the way you want it. You are the ultimate creator, and it could mean you need to release any past emotions or feelings that are holding you back from living out the life you truly desire.The picture which you paint in your dream may be symbolic of the way you currently experience events and emotions in your everyday life.Another possible meaning is that you are in need of a way to express your thoughts, ideas, and emotions. You may be bottling up thoughts and emotions inside, and it’s time to get them out in the open.Dreaming of a Famous Artist:If you dream about the work of a famous artist or that you meet a world renowned artist, begin by asking yourself how you feel about this artist’s work. Is there something that stands out about his or her artwork? This may be a clue into what aspects of your life that may need your focus and attention at the present moment.For example, if you are dreaming of Van Gogh and a starry starry sky, this could be a symbol it is time to “reach for the stars” for some people, though if you don’t like his artwork then it could mean that there is something holding you back from being able to see the infinite possibilities available for you to create in this world.Dreaming of someone who paints portraits of people could mean that you need to focus on creating better relationships with others.Dreaming of An Unknown Artist:If the artist is unknown to you, then this could show that you are currently working on a project – that you haven’t quite reached your goals or ambitions. The subject of the artwork will often provide more clues and insight into what aspects of this project may be necessary to focus on.This unknown artist may show you that there are others out there who can help you with expressing yourself or with meeting your goals to create the life you’ve always imagined.A Starving Artist Dream InterpretationIf you dream of an artist who is unable to sell paintings or isn’t making any income from their work, it could show that you need to better understand the way you are using your skills, and to let go of any emotions that are holding you back from achieving success.Have any dream interpretations or experiences of dreaming about an artist you would like to share? Tell us about them in the comments below!