Argumentative Speech OutlineIntroductionCriteria #1: The characters invite the viewers to witness their flaws and developments making them realistic.             (This is important because the viewers need to have a connection with the character.)Criteria #2: The story line includes plot twists that engages the viewers and encourages to stick with the plot.              (This is important because without plot twist, the viewers will easily get bored.)Thesis/Claim:  Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s Riverdale, uses plot twists and characters that have human vulnerabilities to connect to teenagers regarding the topic of friendship to show that Riverdale should be considered a “timeless classic.”   ll.     Criteria # 1Topic Sentence: To begin, one reason why Riverdale is a timeless classic is because the tv shows has characters that have strengths and weaknesses. Lead-in: As the characters try to find out who murdered a rich teenager in Riverdale, the main characters unfold their personalities which gives the viewers an insight of realistic obstacles people face. Evidence: (Talk about how they have good and bad traits)    d. Commentary: As shown in this picture, each character is their own individual and they show the different perspectives of themselves as the episodes go on. The way the director shows their realistic characterizations is by showing how they react with different obstacles that come there way. The characters are round as they have positive and negative traits in different scenarios. (Give example of jughead) The characters go through many difficult experiences in the show and the viewers are able to witness their struggles and have an emotional connection with each character.    lll.  Criteria #2Topic Sentence: Another reason why Riverdale should be considered a timeless classic is because the viewer may not know what is coming next, but they are eager to stick with the story because of the raw, unharnessed curiosity that is built by the story line. Lead-in: While watching Riverdale, the viewers have no idea what is going to happen next. From who is going to jail to who is part of a major murder, Riverdale keeps you engaged in what will happen next. Evidence:    (0:00 to 0:35)Commentary: As you can see from this video, there are many moments where viewers are left stunned. This TV show is based on the Archie Comics, but the show has taken a view to a mystery that unfolds Riverdale’s secrets making it even more interesting as the episodes tick by. (Talk about how the video shows the interesting plot)IV. Counter-argumentSummary: Some argue Riverdale should not be considered a timeless classic because of the repeated storyline of a murder mystery, which the audience can’t relate to. Acknowledgment: It is true that there are several TV series that involve a murder mystery, which could make it mundane to watch for the viewers. Some viewers may be able to predict the series of events because the storyline might have been repeated. Refutation: However, Riverdale is unique because it connects to the targeted audience of teenagers. Riverdale is based on comics that were famous in the 1940s, but they have modernized the show to fit teenagers. The director has converted the characters from the comics to realistic figures which teenages relate to. The storyline is not what should be relatable, but the reason behind the story should create a connection with the viewer which Riverdale has made.  Through friendships the mystery is solved leaving the viewer more connected to the show. The friendships are the most important part of Riverdale so when there is betrayal it leaves the viewer even more engrossed in the show. V. ConclusionRestate Claim: In conclusion, Riverdale should be considered a timeless classic because it reimagines the Archie Comics which is a 70 year-old comic for a new generation, using the classic characters and plot twists to construct a small-town.Implications: This TV show has taught teenagers all over the world about forgiveness, not giving up, and the value of friendship leaving the viewers appreciative about all that they have.