Artificial intelligence(AI) is intelligence shown by
machines. Machines which can understand their environment, take it as input,
think on that input and act based on that thinking in such a way that they can
successfully complete the goal assigned to them are said to be Artificially Intelligent.

Today AI is being increasingly used in various fields of our
lives and AI when used properly can be extremely useful to mankind, but widespread
use of AI could have unintentional consequences that are hazardous or
undesirable. Problems created by AI include:

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Decrease in demand for human labour-

The relationship between AI and jobs is complex. While automation of jobs
will lead to a reduction in demand for human labour
AI will also create new jobs (like in the field of AI research), but AI will
certainly lead to the firing of various
employees and the fired employees may or may not find new jobs.

Machine ethics-

This problem deals with making machines capable to deal with ethical
dilemmas. It is very difficult to make machines which take ethical decisions in
the same way human beings do.

Benevolent AI-

We cannot guarantee whether AI will be benevolent and friendly towards
humanity. Many people have expressed their concern regarding the development of
Malevolence in AI.

Machine consciousness and rights-

Once an AI that replicates all key aspects of human intelligence is
created, will it also have a mind that is conscious? Will it have rights like a
human being?


Intelligent AI will learn from its mistakes and create more intelligent
AI. If this pattern continues, can it lead to the creation of a machine that
surpasses human intelligence? If superintelligent
machines are created the events that will occur after that are completely

Behaviour of Super intelligent machines-

intelligent AI, which acts to achieve the goal assigned to it, may choose to
harm humanity in order to acquire more resources or prevent itself from being
shut down, ultimately to better achieve its goal.