As the millennium is drawing close, the world is witnessing an era of unbelievable advancements in research and technology. Born and raised in a poverty stricken country like India where about half of the population is still suffering from a plethora of incurable disease, Research and development in this field is still in its embryonic stages. I regard myself fortunate enough to be able to write an essay hoping to have the opportunity for advanced studies in the field of microbiology in a university, a million leagues across sea.From the days of my school, I developed a keen interest in the field of biology and chemistry and for this interest I opted for medical stream in my senior secondary grade. It was then when my fascination in biology further boosted and I decided to seek my career in this field. I had an excellent and consistent performance throughout my school with 85.6% in my 10th grade and 81% in 10+2. I have completed my Bachelor’s of Science (Medical) from one of the best colleges in my state, where I developed certain set of skills in my field of interest and explored subjects including human physiology, biochemistry, immunology , medical laboratory techniques and others. The study at college has made my understanding about fundamental subjects even more lucid and I also got a chance to study some of the advanced subjects. My teachers have always given me good remarks both for my  theoretical abilities and my practical skills. During the course of my study at the college , I had this realisation that though chemical sciences appeals to  me a  but my strength lies in the field of immunology and microbiology.The admission in Masters program in Microbiology was quite difficult but due to my decent academic record and my rank (10th) in the admission test, I got into M.Sc Microbiology at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. During my Majors , I got a deep insight of advanced subjects like Microbial genetics, Virology, Mycology, Bacteriology, Microbial physiology and biochemistry, Environmental microbiology and others. Not only theoretical knowledge, I have acquired multiferous analytical skills including various biophysical and biochemical techniques, lab techniques in medical microbiology and immunology and other applied microbiological tools.As my post graduate education is coming to an end, it is high time that I should start pondering over what my subject of specialization would be. My knowledge gets me to the conclusion that I should choose immunology and medical microbiology. This subject has tantalized me to the extent that I have decided to pursue it as my specialization field.During my M.Sc , I have a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 8.50 with ‘A’ grade in my analytical subjects till now. I am even expecting to maintain this CGPA in my third semester , the result of which is still to be announced . Also in my last semester , I will be undertaking a research project under the guidance of Professor Harvinder Singh Saini who is a renowned environmental microbiologist. I will be working on bioremediation. It will focus on “biodegradation of aromatic compound: 2- Bromophenol”. Monohalogenated phenols posses a great enviornmental threat and have adverse toxic effects on living beings. So their is a need for their safe disposal.Utilizing microrganisms to degrade them is an effective and safe approach.    Although I wanted to work on immunology or medical microbiology but I was alloted the topic by my guide .But I intend to put in best of my efforts to extract whatever expertise I can from it ,which will later on help me in doing research in my field of interest. For next four to five months I intend to strengthen my research potential which would help me accomplish in my field of interest . Moreover, in my fourth semester, along with our research project our curriculum also includes a field study and advanced practicals in microbiology which I am sure, will further enhance my knowledge in the subject.Every year, millions of research students are attracted to Canada which is attributable primarily to its excellent educational institutions and secondly to its hospitality towards people from diverse nations has made it an epitome of an educational destination. Research in immunology and medical microbiology is still in its early stages in Indian universities and I want to investigate deeper into the subject to be able to carry out autonomous research and anatomization . I have always aspired for studying an advanced degree with specialization in my area of interest. The excellent faculty and good research facilities at your university have persuaded me to opt for it , for fulfilling my purpose of becoming a good researcher. I am adamant to bring out the best in me via the agency of the outstanding faculty of your university. Also I am sure that if given opportunity, it will expose me to an environment which would aid in escalating my capabilities . I am also confident that I will give my best to the research in the respective department.