Assignment # 3

English Comprehension

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Q1. Read the following passages and write the
topic sentence in the each of the given space. Also suggest a suitable title
based on your understanding of eachpassage.    


is true that medical doctors are health professionals whose roles are of
great importance in the society. They are usually concerned and people
generally look up to them to take care of their health and otherrelated
issues. In fact, whether people live or die, depends to a great extent, on
the doctors in charge of their health situations.  Almost everyone wants a doctor who is
knowledgeable in the medical field, especially someone with many years of
experience at hand.


Topic sentence: medical
professionals have a great importance in every society because of their
knowledge and experience in human health issues.


Importance of medical professionals for society



clear advantage of having several part-time jobs is for people tobe developedin the different areas
where they are working. If one has several jobs, he or she will be able to
meet several people and supervisors who will expose them to different challenges
and learnings. Another advantage of having several part-time jobs is the
opportunity to find out what one really wants as an occupation in life.
This may be a stepping stone for oneto be able to discover themselves, in
terms of theirabilities and skills. Lastly, I think having several jobs
will make oneearn more money than a full-time job. This is because in a
full-time job, one is only entitled for a specific number of hours at work
and sometimes, employers don’t give overtime pays.


sentence: Doing different part-time jobs will
develop the your social skills and you can also get extra income.


Title: Advantages of Part-time jobs over Full time job



has highly evolved over time. In fact, nowadays almost everybody has some
sort of machine at hand, be it computers, cars, or washing machines etc. Although machinery was devised
to benefit mankind, it has brought along many flaws to match.


Topic sentence:
Evolution in technology creates its own beneficial environment and attracts
everyone with some sort of machinery.


Technology and its impact in modern era


d.      The
computer and internet remains one of the greatest inventions ever made by man.
They make work easier for many people and make communication easier. Many
people term technology as the necessary evil. What of its ability to expose
people especially young ones to various evils such as pornography, strangers,
etc. All technologies invented by man come with their blessings and
disadvantages. However, in all cases the advantages always outweigh the

Topic sentence: The advancement in technology especially the modern
internet that cause some serious damage to our teenagers by various unprotected


Modern technology and its negative aspects


systems all over the world are based on the idea that students receive and
remember information from teachers and books. These systems test the
knowledge with standardized testing which compares students to one another.
They only test the kind of information which is possible to measure in
tests. The goal is to gain information, and not develop skills by which to
use and make information. Unlike the old style of education, where people
remembered things in order to pass tests and get higher scores than other
students, the modern world calls for a new kind of education in which the
focus is on deep understanding, creativity, and information management

sentence: the modern way of teaching and learning makes
students more creative and they develop more skills and deep understanding.


Title: Advancement
in modern learning techniques and its advantages


Question # 2


Roy: Hello,
Sonail, Happy Deepavali to you and your family!

Sonail: Thank you. Do come in. I’m glad you have come.


(A) To wish

(B) To request

(C) To welcome

(D) To inform

ANSWER:  To wish


Ali: The
race will start at 8 a.m., won’t it?

      Ayesha: That’s
right. After registration, you have to assemble at the starting line in the field.


(A) To inform

(B) To greet

(C) To request

(D) To describe

ANSWER:  To inform


Lehman fell while climbing up the rambutan tree.

      Sonya: I
shouldn’t have asked him to pluck the rambutans.


(A) To complain

(B) To regret

(C) To apologize

(D) To advise

ANSWER:  To regret



Our team played badly, especially I.

      Hassan: It’s all your
fault. You have let the team down.


(A) To advise

(B) To blame

(C) To warn

(D) To protest

ANSWER:  To blame



Hello, Sam. You look worried. Can I help you?

      Sam: Could you
lend me twenty dollars? I need it urgently.


(A) To inform

(B) To describe

(C) To offer

(D) To request

ANSWER:  To request