ATECE Inc. is a sole proprietorship business, which aims at organizing
different kinds of events around the city. Our specialization is events mostly,
and it is also knows as one of the best solution provider. We have a team of
very artistic, creative, dedicated young peoples. They put all of their effort
to make an event successful. We have organized almost all kinds of events
around the city such as, corporate events, birthday parties, bridal shower,
baby shower, marriage anniversary, wedding ceremony, fashion shows, seminars.

Because of this we are counted as “One stop shop”, and we have a variety of
equipment collections.

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We have different kinds of position available at our company. I will
have A CEO in my company and there will be Financial, Operational and Human
Resource managers. There will be 2 Accountants working under the financial
manager; 3 people helping the HR manager with the hiring process and there will
be 15-20 people working under the operational management, those are the people
who will be doing the field work and organize the events with the help of the
operational manager.

Our website is user friendly very easy to understand. By registering us
online being able to contact us directly through the websites our clients can
save a lot of time and if they register early they get a special promotion too.

We encourage our clients to book online, and we have call support and online
chat helps available. Quickly and securely process event fees directly into
your bank account.

Our business is right in the middle of Toronto Downtown. Its really easy
to get to our location, since there is a TTC subway right beside us and we have
private parking for our customers.

Some of our competitors are:

·      Avec panache events

·      Access admin

·      Kinron associates
event services management

·      Avenue event

·      Managing matters

·      Global events
management group

·      Silk shots events




Legal environment

            Our corporate functions
under the federal employment legislation governed by the Canada labour code
which includes factors such as occupational safety and health, minimum wages,
hours worked, vacation entitlements, holidays, sanctioned absence, severance,
termination and unjust dismissal. In addition we are also bound by Canada human
rights to avoid employment based on race, sex, age, religion, colour, sexual
orientation, and origin among others that could differentiate them from others
that are equally capable to performing the employment.

Also governing us are the Canada pension
act plus employment insurance act under which the employees are protected under
retirement or permanent disability through the Canada pension act, and those
that are unable to perform work due to temporary periods of unemployment are
protected with income replacement benefit through Canada employment insurance.

Currently the challenge we face is the understanding and application of the
human rights act under which we are unable to dismiss an employee diagnosed
with posttraumatic stress disorder and depression unless we have gone through
the process of accommodation for the specific employee however is still unable
to continually work due to their current illness. Despite our hindered
operations we are unable to replace the candidate unless we have attempted
various accommodations for the individual despite us loosing various business
clients as a result of their commitment to the projects are not being met based
on absences of the assigned specialized employee.

At this time our recourse to circumvent
this specific situation would be to hire a contracted employee from the a talent
agency to bridge the gap we face due to the lack of presence an individual that
specialized in this task till they recover to be able to return back to work on
an ongoing basis. It gives us a valuable lesson to a contingency plan to better
manage our employees and operations to avoid any gaps in the future of this

Job analysis

            As a result of our gap
to be bridged we are seeking to hire a training consultant being responsible
for creating a training program to integrate new hires into an efficient form
of departmental roles. Training consulting will be partnering with the HR
department of the client to deliver the objectives defined by their guidelines
and report to the operations officer of the ongoing progress of the project.

The essential duties of the training consultant would be to identify hires with
necessary skills and educational background to be able to connect them to the
department seeking to expand. In the process of training the selected employees
he would design coaching courses to outline the core responsibilities of the
department assigned.

Training will also include the core
leadership qualities to ensure they are able to move into management roles if
need arose by the employer, the consultant is also responsible to train the
hires on the employee standards and policies outlined by the company. They are
also informed on the wages to be expected with the frequency of the pay
remunerated. Also being responsible to understand and relay the culture of the
company to the hires to ensure longevity of the hires and minimize the employee
turnover. In addition to relay the information and knowledge to empower them
into their new roles, they also expected to face tests to enforce their
understanding of the training exposure.

The trainer we are seeking for the position
would need to have a post graduate degree in the education related discipline,
experience in the training coordinator position for at least of three years and
at most five years, any additional experience is preferred. We also prefer
candidate possess the understanding of the learning management software. Also
required are excellent communication and organization skills to enable multiple
training opportunities. We also require a thorough understanding of the
principles of 7 planning questions of training and learning for performance to
achieve a higher efficient outcome.


            We have decided against
placing ads through papers or our online channel which would enable us to get a
certain number of applicants for direct hire within our organization which
would require providing a long term employment and benefits however we seek a
temporary contracted employee to bridge our gap at this point till we are able
to either hire this new recruit or welcome back our employee on medical leave.

The best option at this time for us would be to contact the pool of talent
agencies where we can hire a talent through them to avoid being responsible for
many benefits and keep it temporary to be able to meet the needs of our
organization and our clients.


            The interview would be
conducted with one of our directors to better connect the interviewee to the
business intent and mission through smart technique of interview style to
better partner the candidate back to the core competencies being analyzed. The
questioned would be catered to situations experienced in the past within work
or personal environment to relate their skill to the relevant role being
interviewed for.

·      Give me an example
of being able to relate leadership core competencies within the training module
within a short period of time.

·      This question will
make us understand strategy and approach if the time resource was limited what
other resources could be used to offset the scarcity.

·      What has been the
disagreement with a certain management objective that you had and how did you
deal with it

·      Seeking the
relaying of a story to explain when there are differences and the solutions
applied to seek a mid ground through effective communication.

·      Have you had an
experience where you had scarce time frame to deliver training objective and
what were your measures

·      Understanding the
efficiency of time and management in where the candidate is able to show the
approach of organisational skills and optimal time management.

·      Describe your long
and short-term objectives and the plan to execute the desired outcome

Depending on the evaluation the orientation and training would start.


            Within this timeframe
the employee will be introduced to the other employees of the organization as
they will be working as a team and utilize each other as resources as need
arises. The individual will be shown around the premises including the break
rooms, lunchrooms and other side relevant to his daily routine. Ensure he
understands the security of the building and the required access to the
sections he would need under his employment. Share with him the expectation of
being occasionally in field at clients premises to perform his duties and the
access he would be provided as required.


            Training method
selected would be the skill lesson method to instil the leadership core skill
within the employee to be able to project that understanding over to the
employees trained in the future through our clients. The objective of the
training will be to examine the understanding through various examples and
situations presented under pressure to utilize the core skill to efficiently
manage the task and the outcome. Outcome will be measured through various
scenarios presented to the candidate to effectively make the right choice to
ensure the training module has been successful.

Stage: 1

The purpose in creating a needs analysis is to find out the answer for
this questions:

– “Why” is training needed?
– “What” type of training is needed?
– “When” is the training needed?
– “Where” is the training needed?
– “Who” needs the training? and “Who” will conduct the training?
– “How” will the training be performed?

By deciding training needs, organizations can decide what knowledge,
skills and attitudes needs to be improved by the employees performance in
following with the company standards.

Stage: 2

This step establishes the development of
current job descriptions and standards and procedures. Job
description needs to be clear and incisive and it serves a major training tool;
helps with the guidelines. When the job description finishes, it completes a
list of standards and procedures that needs to be outlined in the job
description. This step will assist in standardizing crucial guideline in future


Stage: 3

presenting a training session, make sure you have a thorough understanding of
the following characteristics of an effective trainer. The trainer should make
the subject interesting enough so that the trainees understand it properly. He should
also make the participants want to learn the subject instead of imposing it on
them. Needs to have a good sense of humour. Should also be passionate towards
the topic that’s being taught. By including audio and visual equipment’s the
training session will me more interesting to learn.


This step will determine how effective and profitable your training
program has been. Evaluation is one of the most important steps in training.

The analysis depends on the cost and benefit, also the increase of customer
satisfaction and profit. It’s very simple why evaluation is important. The
evaluation is the most important step in the training process. It will show the
effectiveness of both the training and the trainer.



            Compensation is defined as the total amount
of the monetary and non-monetary pay provided to an employee by an employer in
return for work performed as required. This is a combination of pay, vacation,
bonuses, health insurance, and many other offers the company may provide. There
can also be some of the coupons that they can use in their everyday life or to
go out to eat. These are some of the components that describe compensation.

The compensation would be based on experience and fall within a range of
$60000 to $80000 which would be sub contracted through the talent agency in
exchange of an ongoing commission. As this is a temporary contract to meet our
current need we would have a cap of $70000 to keep some additional room for any
additional fees plus the commission payable. In the compensation we have also
included a voluntary benefit of an interest free loan to be used as a mortgage
deposit, which will be deducted from the employee within a certain number of
years against his compensation as long as he is an active employee of the
company. To avail the opportunity they can contact our finance officer to
evaluate the options however once the employment is terminated of contract has
been ended the funds borrowed would be due. This will assist the employee to
secure a home to own with our assistance to reward his employment and services.