Brien BecksMs. TobiasAmerican Lit8 January 2018Love?The dating scene in the 1920’s consists of flappers (female dancers).  The women of the Roaring Twenties were given the title “new women”. Most of these women wanted to find a nice rich man to support them even if they did not want to be faithful to that man, not really loving the man but just the money that he had. Some of these women really fell in love with these men.This connects to The Great Gatsby because it talks about couples and how good or bad they are. It also talks about the affairs within these relationships. Which poses the statement, Love comes in many different ways. In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott  Fitzgerald, it shows the things people do for love. Or what they do for what they thought was love. The first couple introduced in The Great Gatsby are Tom and Daisy, although Daisy is also in love with Gatsby. “Even alone I can’t say I never loved Tom,’ she admitted in a pitiful voice. ‘It wouldn’t be true.'” (pg 133). Even though she claims to be in love with Gatsby she claims to also be in love with Tom but she may really just be in love with his money or support. Even though Tom and Daisy care about each other, they don’t show affectionate love for each other. “Tom came down with a hundred people in four private cars, and hired a whole floor of the Muhlbach Hotel, and the day before the wedding he gave her a string of pearls valued at three hundred and fifty thousand dollars” (page 75-76). Their relationship is based on wealth and status.The next couple is Nick and Jordan, this relationship was more attractive than love. It seems that Nick does not even love her because he just gives up on her. “Thirty – the promise of a decade of loneliness, a thinning list of single men to know, a thinning briefcase of enthusiasm, thinning hair” (page 135). Nick wants her because he was feeling old and alone. Jordan’s best friend Daisy started off with trying to set Nick and Jordan up but ultimately in the end, this relationship was more of a summer hook up. They were just compatible, not in love. Jordan and Nick’s love came more in a friendship rather than relationship. The last couple is Myrtle and George Wilson, the only real example of love shown in this book is the love that George has for Myrtle. Just like all of the relationships in this book somebody in the relationship has to be involved in an affair. This time it is Myrtle and she is having a affair with Tom. She is having an affair with him because of the material things that he gives her such as pets, vacations, and sex. George is completely clueless of what’s going on, but when he finds out he gets physically ill from a broken heart. Myrtle falls much in love with Tom that it looks as if she isn’t even devoted to George anymore.In the book  The Great Gatsby by Scott F. Fitzgerald,  the different relationships show how women in the 1920’s were not loyal at all. They looked for a rich man to provide them the thing they wanted without actually loving them. The women in the book and also some of the men faked being in “love”. The book shows that it’s different ways to love.