Comprehension can be an important part of learning.
Essentially, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of what was read,
but that is not always the truth. It is crucial for educators to understand how
a student interacts with text so that he/she can find out which strategy
instruction will be most appropriate. Guided reading strategies can be used to
help students who have the problem with reading comprehension. According to
Kasten et al. (2005), through the implementation of guided reading strategies,
students become aware of how print works and students struggling with reading
comprehension are better able to create meaning.

       The primary intention of guided reading
lessons is to help students become good readers. Students are grouped regarding
similar reading abilities who use similar strategies to decode text. Instructors
work within those small groups to provide support before, during and after
reading with increasingly challenging levels of text. Guided reading lessons
support readers of all levels with various strengths and weaknesses through
direct and indirect instruction. The teacher assesses the students, prepares a
lesson to focus on specific skills, provides guided instruction and assesses
again to receive immediate feedback on the effectiveness of the lesson.

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       Several studies propose that reading has
a positive impact on second language learning. Larson & Marsh (2005)
provide several theories such as New Literacy and Socio-cultural theory, which
stress the fact that every student learns differently due to his or her
background knowledge. The study by Macalister (2007), demonstrated that
students who execute a speed reading course are incredibly more likely to
increase their reading speed. His research also exhibited that students who
perform a speed reading course have a tendency to show greater gains in reading
speed than those who do not (Macalister, 2008).

other factor considered in the paper was the idea of the guided reading task.
Guided reading can be an interesting concept which has been discussed by many