Continuing on with Sansa’s story, an important figure named Petyr Baelish (also known a as “Littlefinger”) came into her life. He was in love with Sansa’s mother, Catelyn, and ever since has had a creepy, pedophilic obsession with Sansa. He married Catelyn’s sister Lysa Arryn after conspiring to murder her husband Jon Arryn. He convinced her to do this so that he could gain power of her very large army. He conspired with Olenna Tyrell to murder Joffrey so that he could “save” Sansa from accusations of being an accomplice in the murder. He took Sansa to live with her aunt and her cousin in the Vale right before killing her aunt in front of Sansa’s own eyes. Persephone’s story continues with her resistance of most of the foods in the underworld. She knew that eating the food had eternal consequences, which would cause her to be imprisoned for longer. Persephone, however, dined on some pomegranate seeds because she could not resist them. For every seed she ate, she had to stay in the underworld for one month, and since she ate six seeds, she needed to stay in the underworld for six months. During this time, she hated every moment of being there, and longed to be reunited with her family on Earth.  The story of Sansa continues with more horror. She has greatly matured and trusted Petyr Baelish to take care of her. From her perspective, she is treated very well and is shown lots of compassion and care. This is until Littlefinger sees an opportunity to gain more power in the North and sold Sansa off to marry Ramsay Bolton. This man was even more evil than Joffrey, and would constantly rape, abuse, and torture Sansa. She was treated as a slave, until she ran escaped Ramsay’s wrath and found her family. She reunited with her half-brother Jon Snow, who was considered the King of the North. She eventually helped him take back Winterfell, which was controlled by the Boultons at the time. As the armies were fighting, Sansa called Petyr Baelish to help them defeat the Boultons and capture Ramsay. He was kept prisoner at Winterfell until Sansa decided to unleash Ramsay’s bloodhounds to eat him alive, a fitting death for a horrible man. Persephone’s story ends with Hades decreeing that Persephone would spend four months of each year trapped in the underworld. This time would become the winter, as her mother Demeter would grieve for her absence and cause the coldness to spread across the land. These four months where Persephone is imprisoned is described as “a very terrible and dreadful year for mankind upon the earth” (Hendricks 47). When she returns, this would be the season of Spring, as Demeter would be joyous for her return and spread the lush flowers and vegetation across the land. Sansa’s story ends with murdering Petyr Baelish when she realizes that all of her problems in life were caused by him. She and her siblings compiled a list of his crimes against the realm, which easily count for enough to charge him for murder. He was basically the cause of the entire war of the Seven Kingdoms, all starting because he murdered Jon Arryn and blamed the Lannisters. He conspired to have Sansa’s father killed, Bran attempted to be murdered, and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians across westeros because of his influence. The journeys of both characters share great resemblance to one another. Both Sansa and Persephone share many similarities in their transformations as individuals. Persephone and Sansa are very similar to one another from the start, being described as very feminine, beautiful, and elegant. They are both married at their youth to men who only want their destruction. For Sansa, this happened with two evil men and one man who would cause all the chaos in her life. Sansa ultimately became a stronger person for it, and is now a major player in the game of thrones. She learned a lot from one of the greatest masterminds in Westeros and was able to manipulate him the way he has done for many years. Persephone was never actually raped by Hades, but many consider her kidnapping to be her form of rape. She continues to live in a hellish life of being kidnapped every four months of the year, unlike Sansa who is currently “free” from any actual danger. Both figures were eventually returned to their families, with both having their own contingencies for doing so. Persephone is only allowed to return for two thirds of the year while Sansa returns to a torn apart family. Her father was murdered, her mother and oldest brother were murdered at his wedding, and her youngest brother was killed by Ramsay. These series of unfortunate events have made both characters substantially stronger, and have transformed each of them into becoming more powerful individuals. Their stories of torture and horror have relatively happy endings, yet the scars will remain with them for a lifetime.