Cooking over an open flame has been dated back till the first signs of human life about 1.6 million years ago. However, it took 1952 to make a sanitary, portable, cost effective new wake to cook over a flame. The weber grill was the first commercial grill of its time appealing to the general public, while introducing his new “covered cooking” concept caught on like wildfire. The general public where also fascinated with the unorthodox shape of the grill. The new refined kettle shape swept over the national and became a cultural icon still today. The 1960s were a time where Weber decided to experiment with other designs to appeal towards a larger audience. They started with the addition of a new blue color and different design creating the The Galley-Que. In 1963 weber introduces a timeless grill which is still being used today which is The Flamenco, which incorporated a grill in table in one. In 1964 Weber’s growing popularity started gaining and the need for a higher-end model approached. They created the The Penthouse, “A grill for living in high style.” 1965 was a unique and quirky year for Weber creating, The Ranger ” Part Grill. Part Wheelbarrow. All the Fun”. !966 was a year to forget for Weber creating one of the weirdest looking grills ever, dubbed ” The Wishing Well.” 1967 Weber created The Seville an elegant cart with a grill attached for the aprising street vendor. 1968 The imperial sequoia was manufactured and was one of the most useful designs to date. The 1970s was time for expansion and the idea of the backyard barbeque was hitting the markets at full speed. 1971 they introduced the first Gas barbeque Kettle expanding the outreach to the people. 1972 they introduced The Barrel Barbeque which was just that a barrel with a grill and a table mounted on top of it. Trying to create a cultural icon and introducing a new type of grilling the creating The Electric Weber Grill. Also with Weber continuing to try to branch out they also rebranded their logo now representing a picture of the original Kettle. The 1980s was a huge step forward in the history of Weber. They moved their original plant from Arlington Heights to Palatine, IL. 1981 Weber thinking of all the people introduced their first smoker nicknaming it the “Smokey Mountain Cooker”Trying to continuously create the best products for his customers Georger wanted to manufacture the best gas grill ever. Therefore, five years of productions and the Genesis Gas Grill was made. This grill was state of the art featuring, perfectly angle bar to better distribute heat, channel drippings, reduced flare-ups, and make for easier clean up. 1987 Weber expanded onto the Genesis creating the two burner system which is used on grills to this day. 1990 Weber forged a new design of their Kettle Grill, Using inspiration from the previous successful projects. It incorporated the cart from the Seville, the Time-Tested bottom for the Galley-Que, and the addition storage, sleek design, and storage of the Genesis. 1990 the 38th year of the company George Weber died, his son Jim took over the company with the help grandchildren. Weber created additional publicity with the New York Times article “The Grill Out”, and published their first cookbook: Weber’s Art of The Grill. The 2000s was a revolutionary turn in the development of Portable Gas Grill, “The Platinum.” In 2001 Weber introduced the Weber’s Big Book of Grilling. The Genesis was rebranded in 2002 with the Genesis Gold C with a stainless steel design with grey and black accents. Throughout the 2000s launches their largest line of portable gas grills introducing 14 new grills. Also Weber breaking through the technology curve introduced the Weber on the Grill App. To wrap up the 2000s so far Weber go a huge milestone selling their one millionth copy of the Weber’s Real Grilling cookbook. They have been making charcoal since about 4000 bc in both China and West Asia. Charcoal is usually made by pilling up stacks of wood covering it up and dampening it with dirt, then lighting it the wood on fire and burn slowly without oxygen.  Charcoal burning was a specialized job usually for the poor; however, they were unslaved. There is a special way to create charcoal called the Charcoal Cross-section which is a meticulous way of stacking wood and layering it to get the maximum output of charcoal. Charcoal also is used for writing and smelting metals.Some of the best meats to cook on the weber grill or any charcoal, gas, or electric grill include, Smoked Baby Back Ribs, Rotisserie Ribs with Red-Eye Barbecue Sauce, Pork Chops with Cherry Port Sauce, Farm Kettle Burger, Smoked Turkey, Stuffed Flank Steak with Prosciutto and Goat Cheese. The methods of cooking varies from the styles of meat that you are using; however, you season, oil, and use the traditional method of flipping the meat back and forth until done.