You should immediately go to a doctor and start your treatment, if there are certain visible symptoms of a disease, before getting diagnosed with that disease. There have been many cancer cases where the patient did not take his health seriously and later on with further deterioration of his health, he comes to know that he is suffering from cancer and is at the second or third stage.

Had he been to the doctor earlier and diagnosed with his disease then he could have been easily cured in the first stage. Even in the case of other diseases early detection helps in taking better preventive measures. Thinking that the disease will cure itself or avoiding doctor visit may result in increase of the problem and expenses even endanger your life.

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We can take precaution methods by choosing healthy diet and making it a point to exercise regularly. Regular exercise and good nutritious food will make us less prone to diseases, and will also result in a healthy heart, mind and body.

Preventive measures taken in work areas also lessen the intensity of suffering. For example if you focus on the market you can save yourself from financial catastrophe by perceiving the future losses. Preventive measure also helps in controlling population.

Wise man always use this formula for the success, they never wait for the deadline to come near to start their work, instead they finish their work before deadline, this gives them time to solve any unseen problem that might occur during the process of their work.

It is an old saying which holds true in daily life:

No man is perfect we all do mistakes. But with the help of act of Prevention one can avoid doing many disasters, complexities, confusion and destruction. We can check ourselves from doing something by thinking about the outcome (that can happen because of our negligence) first and then take appropriate action.

Each and every action should be measured carefully because solving the problem will be more time consuming and more painful compared to taking precaution so that the problem do not happen.