Fig. 2: Implementation in this


The purpose of the project is to reach the same or
even better results as many brands in the field, reach maximum quality with the
lowest cost possible, together with the aid of our target which is to alert the
patient and his caregivers with the regular doses he has to take. We should be
looking for reaching to the patient to his phone as this the most suitable and
dependable utility he has, also the same can be done with the family, relatives
or even the nurse.

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At the end we want to reach a few simple objectives
which are:



Take the periodic
time and store it  for  every 
pill. Alarm the user in many ways through the device itself  or the mobile app.

In case of any missed dose, it notifies the patients relatives.

A.     materials

1)     Arduino NANO: The Arduino
Nano is a little, total, and breadboard-accommodating board in view of the ATmega328P.

than equipment.
(pin wer oltage loaded
to are ou
micro- Programming)


It has pretty much a similar usefulness of the Arduino lanove
however in an alternate bundle. It needs just a control jack and works with a
Mini-B USB link rather     a standard
one. The Arduino
Nano is open-source

The Arduino
Nano can be controlled by means  of  the USB association, 6-20V unregulated outer
power supply 30), or 5V directed outside power supply (pin 27). The po source
is naturally chosen to the most astounding 
v  source. The ATmega328P on the Arduino Nano comes  with a bootloader that enables you to
transfer new code     it without the
utilization of an outside equipment softw

engineer. It
conveys utilizing the first STK500 convention. Y can likewise sidestep the
bootloader and program the controller through the ICSP (In-Circuit Serial

header utilizing Arduino ISP or comparable.