After finish watching all of the four films that are given for the assignment, I think that “Forrest Gump” is the most suitable, heart-warming and inspiring movies to write for a reflection. “Forrest Gump” is a movie about a man with an IQ of 75 which is below average. This movie is about how he solved those obstacles in the life and how his actions inspired those in his circle to reach their potential which changed their lives for the better.

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First and foremost, Forrest is determined. When Forrest started up a shrimp business in Bayou La Batre it was hard for him as he barely got any harvest but he did not give up. As a result of his determination, he found a company called The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company and become a millionaire as a thunderstorm rages over Bayou La Batre and Forrest’s boat is the only boat that has not been destroyed which makes him capitalized the entire shrimping industry. In recent days, determination is a very crucial component to success. For example, studying is a tough process but I always tell myself to be determined so that I can solve the challenges which are getting harder and harder to succeed in my studies, without determination, I won’t be studying in the university now.

Moreover, Forrest is compassionate and loving. Forrest shows a lot of compassionate towards Jenny although she pushed him away all the time. He never gave up his love on Jenny and always gives Jenny all the warmth and courage whenever Jenny is hurt and return to him for reassurance. No matter how hard Jenny has hurt on him, he never gives up his love towards Jenny. This loving trait is what people needed today. For instance, the love and caring from my parents is what that supports me to overcome with all of the obstacles in my life because without all those love I won’t be able to stand strong and fight with those challenges, it is also all those warmth from them that heals my wound and let me stand up again.

Last but not least, Forrest also shows his bravery throughout the movie. During the Vietnam War, the army that Forrest joined is ambushed. He managed to save himself by running out from the forest but he ran back to the forest again to save his friend Bubba. Along his way searching for Bubba, he rescued a few of his comrade and Bubba from the forest but in the end Bubba still dies in his arms. Forrest action of risking his life and running into the forest again and again really impressed me as the mind of saving his best friend has overcome the fear inside him. I am amazed by his action because bravery is what that lacks inside of me. As an example of my life, there is once that I am not brave enough to clarify the situation when my friend cheats in the exams which eventually lead to the tragedy of another scapegoat which was accused by my friend for cheating in the exam. I am really regretted as if I was brave enough during the time, this incident won’t be happening.

In conclusion, I think that Forrest Gump is a movie that should be watched by everyone. This movie portrait a lot of positive personal traits that everyone should have in their own. The qualities within Forrest and his way of solving problems bring a lot of positiveness to me. This movie inspires me to be a better person in my life and always be brave to confront with the issues in my life as the only enemy in my life is myself, not those problems. Problems are just the trails for me to succeed in my life.