and DuBois 1998,.Providing accommodations to students with learning
disabilities must not change course values and necessities. “While
accommodations may alter the approach in which learning takes place and is
assessed, the learner must be able to demonstrate learning appropriate and
comparable to the scope and requirements of all learners” Thus, accounting
faculty may need to address the appropriateness of some accommodations.

Gallagher, and Anastasiow 1997 Using multi-sensory teaching strategies recognize
that different students learn in different ways. Students use different
modalities to learn material: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. While any
student may have a preference for a particular modality, students with learning
disabilities frequently have a significant deficit in one or more of these
modalities that results in an information-processing deficit. Simple strategies
like describing what is being written on the board or screen provides
simultaneous auditory and visual output.

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& Mills (1997) the survey of a quantity of research in the field of dual
exceptionality led to define three subcategories of students whose individual educational
needs remain unrecognized. These are: (a) gifted students who are labeled as
underachievers; their learning difficulties are often recognized with
personality and nature improvement problems, being enhanced by educational
challenges and, finally, reaching the point where they are connected to a
disability; (b) gifted students with severe learning disabilities (LD) who are
diagnosed as LD students; they are enrolled in special education programs
designed for LD students; therefore, their giftedness is usually ignored; and
(c) students whose giftedness and learning disability overshadows each other,
leading to an overall average academic performance; due to this “common
compensation”, these students are not identified as gifted and, as a consequence,
they are not selected for gifted educational programs most of times. These are reasons
why most of these GLD students “fall through the cracks” of the educational


(2002)In accumulation to positivist disability research, research undertaken
using the interpretive academic perspective, which stressed out on the social structure
of reality, the existence of multiple reality and emphasized on exploring the situation-specific
interpretation of social action?, has also been criticized. This is mainly
because, though it involved disabled people in the research process, the hierarchical
authority relationship between the researcher and the researched remain recognized
and instead, reproduced inequalities between disabled and non-disabled people