Happiness cannot be defined for a group, no one has the same view of what happiness is. Where happiness can be defined as a chemical reaction in your brain, it is what you do and experience which makes you happy. The sum of those experiences and ones positive reaction to them defines happiness-and these experiences are unique for each person.

The things that make me happy in my life can seem boring to others. My ideal day of happiness is a sunny Alaskan day, where there is a slight breeze, and a seemingly endless supply of food and ice cold beverages. I would be at the lake on our family farm. My cousins, aunts, uncles, mom, dad, grandma, and my trusty dog would all be there with me. There would be boats to row around and have water fighting like pirate ships with cannons. There are trout in the lake, so fishing would be great, we would cook only one and the others we would let go so we could catch them again some time. There would be a campfire for us to warm up and dry off next to after a boat battle and swim. We would all cook marshmallows by the fire and I would sneak some to my dog. Then my dog and I would have a wrestling match, I dont really ever know who wins those matches but it is a lot of fun. After a relaxing and exhausting day at the lake, all my cousins would come spend the night at my house.

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What makes you happy and what makes me happy are different things. Whatever it is that gives you warm fuzzes is determined by you, and only you. This difference is what makes the world interesting.