industry, physicians focus on different age groups and according to the age
limit also their specialty differs. According to WHO age distribution Premature Newborns   < 38 weeks gestational age,  Term Newborns  > 38 weeks gestational age, Neonate
 0 – 30 days of age , Infant  1
month – 2 years, Young Child 2 – 6 years, 
Child  6 – 12 years
Adolescent  12 – 18 years, Adults over 18
years old and geriatric over 65 years or older. 14  Pediatricians focus on giving treatments for
children and Obstetricians focus on women age fifteen and above. Cardiologist
mainly treat people with cardiac disease where people more prone to get cardiac
consultants limit age from over age 35. Geriatricians treats older people from
65 years and above. Most of the hospital marketers segment first segment their
markets according to organs, disease and diagnosis of the patients. Most of the
laboratory investigations are segmented in to diagnostics and in addition,
Radiology and Nuclear medicine also segmented under this category since it will
help physicians to diagnose the condition. Specialty wise consultants are
categorized in medical subspecialties i.e. hormones (endocrinology), heart
(cardiology), joints (rheumatology), Virus (Virology),Surgeries
(Surgeons),  Deliveries (Obstetrician and
Gynecology), cancers (oncology), skin (dermatology) and so on.

healthcare field also we can observe different buyers. This can be further
categorized in to four different benefits buyers. The quality buyer wants the
best product regardless of cost. Service buyers prefer the best personal
treatment; they assume that medical expertise is fairly equal. Value buyers are
price sensitive; they want the lowest price and highest medical care
combination. Economy buyers are also price sensitive, but they are concerned
much more about price than about care.

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health care industry physician is the decision maker. Therefore, marketers
always concentrate on their referrals to the hospital. Not only consultants, but
also General physicians can require different services from the hospitals. In
Sri Lankan health care system, most of the patients visit general physicians
before going at early stage of any illness. However, we can observe the new
market trend has moved to the main hospitals rather than small medical centers where
they can get more specific treatments from consultants having higher knowledge
in the particular area. Though they have not particularly know whom to visit,
they consult physicians with specialty. 
This has become major problem as some consultants also try to keep the
patient by giving wrong treatments. Moreover, we do not often see cross referrals
from consultant to consultant if they are not specialized in the particular


consultants to promote specific service is very important. For an example
promoting gamma camera to a gynecologist will not be productive as the
physician does not require the respective investigation to treat his patients.
Segmenting the investigations or the particular service to specialize wise is
more important rather than going behind a consultant who is not referring it.
Cardiologists will not consider cancer markers since they do not treat cancer.


If the
customer is the consultant, the goal is to locate the brand in the minds   of  
consumers   to   maximize  
the   potential   benefit  
to   the   organization.   Therefore, positioning is the act of
designing the organization’s offering and hospital’s image in their minds.

strategy must be built on segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP).