2. Top Management Support:

The plan must meet the changing needs of the organisation and should enjoy consistent support from top management.

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Before starting the human resource planning process, the support and commitment of top management should be ensured.

Moreover, the exercise should be carried out within the limits of the budget. There is no use formulating plans, which cannot be implemented due to financial constraints.

3. Appropriate Time Horizon:

The period of a human resource plan should be appropriate to the needs and circumstances of the specific enterprise.

The size and structure of the enterprise as well as the changing aspirations of the people should be taken into consideration.

4. Manpower inventory:

The quantity and quality of human resources should be stressed in a balanced manner. The emphasis should be on filling future vacancies with the right people rather than merely matching existing people with existing jobs.

The organisation must have an up-to-date employee skills inventory showing pervious jobs held, tenure on current job, educational and training qualifications, specific knowledge and skills, prior work performance, past and current compensation, mobility factors.

Markov Analysis (an approach to forecast the internal supply of manpower tracking past patterns of personnel movements) may be pressed into service while preparing the manpower inventory. Upward mobility of existing staff needs to be considered carefully.

5. Human Resource Information System:

An adequate database should be developed for human resources to facilitate human resource planning.

To manage employee skills inventories, organisations should maintain computerised human resource information systems containing data on: individuals, demographics, career progression, appraisals, skills, interests, training, target positions, performance ratings, geographic preferences, promotability ratings etc.

6. Adequate Organisation and Co-ordination:

Human resource planning function should be properly organised. A separate manpower planning division must be created, especially in large organisations to coordinate manpower planning exercise at various levels.

The various plans for procurement, promotion and retention of human resources in an optimal manner should be envisaged by filling future vacancies with right type of people.