Humans and animals are constantly exposed to
crude petroleum contaminated diets in petroleum producing areas of the world.
As a result, researches are on-going to find simple ameliorative agent against
crude petroleum contaminated diet toxicity. The aim of this study was to
evaluate the protective effect Monodora
myristica on some biochemical parameters of rats fed with crude petroleum
oil contaminated catfish (Clarias
gariepinus) meal. Thirty male albino rats were separated into six  groups of five rats and were maintained  as follows: group 1:  control, group 2: rats were fed crude petroleum
oil contaminated catfish diet (CPO-CCD) only, group 3: CPO-CCD plus 1 ml/kg of
1 % tween 80, group 4: CPO-CCD plus M.
myristica water extract  (MWE), group
5: CPO-CCD plus M. myristica ethanol
extract  (MEE) and group 6: CPO-CCD plus M. myristica diethyl ether  extract  
(MDEE). The feeding of the rats with CPO-CCD and administration of
extracts using cannula lasted for 28 days. The results showed significant (P 0.05)
difference were observed in globulin level in the serum and liver after treatment
with MDEE when compare with the control.



Effect of M. myristica extracts on the liver histology of rats fed CPO-CCD

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In Fig. 5, the control
group showed normal histological structure of hepatic lobule, hepatic cell
(HC), and central vein (CV). Rat liver section of CPO-CCD control group
indicated congestion of central vein (CCV), perivascular mononuclear cells
infiltration (MCI), and ballooned hepatocyte (BH). Treatment of CPO-CCD with
MWE the rat liver sections showed CCV, and HC moderate regeneration. Treatment
of CPO-CCD with MEE group showed slight CCV, and regeneration of HC. No
necrosis and ballooning formation were also observed. However, treatment of
rats fed CPO-CCD with MDEE showed normal histological structure of hepatic lobule
with moderate CV, and HC.


Fig. 1. Level of total  petroleum hydrocarbon content in crude
petroleum oil  polluted (CPOP) catfish.  

Mean bars with different
superscript letter differ significantly at P