I insist that feeling is the source of cognition, and
that we hold the view of “deism.” You ask me what nature god is? I
think God created the universe and set rules of existence, after that God is no
longer on the development of this world and let it has an influence, and let
the world exist and develop according to its own laws. I have always believed
in emphasizing human nature, faith is always above reason. So how ridiculous and absurd
Newtonian mechanics is?

I believe in “deism.” I naturally insist on
children’s naturalistic education and I think the importance of written
knowledge is not as high as we think, so I suggest that children’s emotional
education precedes rational education. I think it is good education that
emphasizes learning through personal experience. Everything is like what I said
in : “Let’s go back to nature.”

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We all know that this world is not fair. I analyzed the
origin and development of social inequality, and after thinking, I found that
it is the most effective way to overthrow the feudal monarchy by violence. If
moderate mode of revolution is effective, then Can I call it a revolution? I
like to call this “the sovereignty of the people.” I want to have a
law that embodies the people’s sovereignty and reflect the public’s intentions.

I emphasize that the rule of law should replace monarchy and autocratic