Health (in general) is the condition of a person
judging by the appearance, the physical and mental abilities, and the actions
that he or she did. It determines the well being of the person, or as we like
to call it how well he or she is. Calling a person who is sick means that that
person has an unusual appearance, an unusual inability of physical actions, the
visible physical weakness on his or her body, and/or the unusual actions your
body creates. In a sense, health also reasons the cause of being unhealthy.
There are 5 factors of health: physical, mental, social, spiritual, and emotional

Factors that affect health (or could be called
determinants of health) includes diet, physical activities (or lack there of),
frequency of physical activities, environment and living status, social
environment, presence of poison, etc.

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Diet refers to what you eat regularly; it is as
easy as ‘if you don’t healthy food, you will get sick or you will be unhealthy,
and vice versa’.

Physical activities determine the kinds of
exercises you do daily.

Frequency of physical activities is the amount
of exercises you take over a period of time. People who exercises more
frequently might seem to be healthier then the people who exercise less
frequently. They appear to be stronger, taller, or any additional changes to
their body to make it seemingly as if they differ from others who don’t

Social Environment refers to the kind of
community the individual is put into

Presence of poison refers to people eaten or drank
some sort of poison or a food/drink he or she is allergic to, which sometimes
becomes the reason for people’s sickness

Wellness is the realization of the importance of
being healthy thus the individual tries to change/move and adapts into an
environment or condition of healthy living, and should maintain that opposition.
It is also the act of prevention of any diseases predicted. Wellness is
important because to do or create physical actions like exercise we need to be
healthy. The realization of importance of health is important for the future
achievements you could get. Example of wellness is when you are fat: you are
unable to do the things thin people could do such as running fast.