‘If you want joy, give joy. If love is what you seek, give love. If you crave material affluence, help others become prosperous.’- Deepack Chopra. Everyone is different. Everyone has their own opinions, lifestyles, qualities, personalities, physical appearances…but we all have one thing in common, we are all human. Now tell me, would you give to a homeless person if they had a sign printed with black permanent maker, help me? Imagine you are a homeless person on the streets in a busy city, waiting in hail, rain and heat for someone that is more fortunate to notice you and help you. There is nothing better than giving a homeless person a roof or a hungry person a meal.


Giving is an act of kindness, depending on what you give it could change someone’s life forever. The feeling you would get when you help give to someone who is less fortunate than you would relieve you and would give you a great feeling. You wouldn’t be able to know that feeling unless you give than receive. Giving is better than receiving as you would be known and considered as a good person and if you give you will increase God’s smile and his Kingdom.

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Giving is better than receiving because if no one gave, no one would receive. When you give you receive. It brings a smile to your face as well as the receivers. You should know how much it changes their life by a small gift. Do you know how giving makes us more blessed than getting? We can get so much contentment when we see how God is glorified in our giving and when we see Him bless others through our giving.

It is very important to give without waiting for anything in return. To give is better than to take. This teaches us the value of sharing and makes us aware that a gift is only as good as the thought behind it. People just forget how the simplest acts of sharing can change someone’s life and make someone’s day. There are kind people in this world that still give without expecting something in return. It will always feel good when receiving something, but there is some kind of satisfaction and relief when we give gifts to others. No matter how valuable the gift may be, giving generates more happiness and life morals than receiving.


Another reason why it is better to give than receive is evident through the subject of science. Scientists believe that it is better to give than receive as it helps relieve stress in the body and therefore being beneficial for our health and our state of mind. Some scientists suggest methods that people that aren’t fond of giving should do. For example, paying it forward, volunteering for charity groups, donating to charity, volunteering in homeless centre or community services etc. These are all ways that can help and give you a reputation of being a generous and kind person.


To conclude, it is better to give than receive as it is an act of kindness that makes people consider you as a kind, sharing and loving person that is always willing to help others that are less fortunate than us, it is also beneficial for our health, it can change people’s lives and it teaches us the values and morals of sharing and being a selfless person.