Imagine life
without the Power Bank machine. My life without the Power Bank is like life
without friend. I can’t imagine how my life without having the Power Bank in my
packet. It is something valuable for me, same as when I have a place to live, I
feel more protected and safe.  The Power
Bank  is my best friend which makes my
life happy and easy. It is about a gift that makes my live shiny as a diamond
and bright as a sun. Are you looking for machine that charges your phone wherever
you go? Are you looking also for a machine to charge carry it in your packet? Power
Bank is like a mobile Battery that charges the phones. It is model A1302,
capacity is 13000mAh, input is DC 5V/1 A, and output DC 5V/1A. According to
TP-LINK Canada Launches High-Capacity 10400mAh Power Bank External Battery
Charger, explains that, “The Power Bank can be readily charged with
any standard 5V DC adapter (it is recommended to use a 5V/2A power adapter for
optimal charging times)” (n.p).  It
is made in China. It is charged by a computer or laptop. . Most of people buy
this miracle machine. It is shaped rounded. It comes in small size, but it
helps a lot especially for people who have phones that lose charge quickly.
With individuals investing more energy in their cell phones as it has turned
into the primary wellspring of everything from amusement to business
correspondence, depleted batteries have turned into a disturbance to everybody.
In other words, their phones that has low battery, so this propagate machine to
use. This product has spread over the world, and it became the most important
product in many countries.  Many people
in the world use this machine and internally work well. It’s job to charge the
phone. It came in different styles. It can be shaped as rectangle is useful
machine to carry, and make it easy to charge the phone even if there is no electricity.
It is the most effective machine in many countries.

First of all,
people have to think about the battery measure and the charger details of your
cell phone, and you will discover it imprinted on the battery and the charger
or on the crate in which your cellphone’s stuffed (“What is Power Bank?” n.p).
In addition, the Power Bank has become an indistinguishable size from your cell
phones’ battery, which can guarantee that your battery gets completely charged
at any rate once. All the more as often as possible, your cell phones takes a
short amount of the time to get charged a higher mAh the more power banks can
store for more  power (What is Power
Bank? n.p). This is important because it guarantee that the buttery get
complete charged with using the Power Bank .

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Today cellphones
have become the most significant technologies for people to communicate with their
relatives or their family. What characterized the power Bank is that it charges
the phones quickly.  Most people internationally
use the cellphone, so this machine will work well for them to charge their
phones. For those people who travel a lot of times, they can carry this battery
in their packet to charge their phone. For example, in six months, I traveled
to Germany because my brother died, so I used this machine to charge my phone.
In aircraft, there is no electricity to charge the phone. Even in Germany, my
cable didn’t work there because their electricity is 210, and it is different
than here, but I used the Power Bank while I stayed in Germany. I was scared to
use my cousin’s cable to charge my phone because the high electricity might
cause to increase the voltage, so my phone can damage. In fact, this Power Bank
charged my phone for four to five days. The Power Bank can be carried in the wallet,
in packet, or even in the hands. It came up in different sizes, so which make
it characterized by its size. It is easy to carry because it small in size. For
example, when I was in air craft, I put it in my purse and charged my phone. According
to Outdoor Tech Releases Two-in-One Car Charger + Power Bank, says that,
“The ever-evolving need to stay charged while on the go, rugged consumer Electronics
Company, Outdoor Tech just released your new favorite. This product is helpful because
“Once removed can be taken with you to continually charge whatever device may
be accompanying you on your daily activities” (n.p). This is significant
because when I go to do exercise and I listen to the music, I put the Power Bank
and charge my phone. I can carry the Power Bank, and the phone in my packet. In
fact, Power Bank is the most helpful product to have because it makes the life

This machine is
helpful to use when people have a long trip. For example, in one year ago, my
sister went to Las Vegas; she took this machine to charge her phone. She use
the navigation through the phone, so without the phone, she couldn’t drive to
Las Vegas. “One solution for the battery problem is using a power bank” (“Pakistani
entrepreneur develops a power bank that fits inside your wallet” n.p).  This is significant for people who have
cellphones that have low battery, this product is the solution. . Samsung
cellphones, for example, are easy to get out of charger. For those people who
have Samsung, this machine will work well for them. According to TP-LINK
Canada Launches High-Capacity 10400mAh Power Bank External Battery Charger.,
shows that, ” The TP-LINK TL-PB10400 comes with dual USB ports (5V/2A and
5V/1A) for charging up to two mobile devices simultaneously: compatible with
most 5V input USB-charged devices, including iPhones, iPads, as well as
BlackBerry and Android smartphones. Simply connect the included Micro USB cable
from the TP-LINK TL-PB10400 to a compatible device for uninterrupted mobility”
(n.p). This is important because it shows that the Power Bank tend to charge
all the smart phones. In fact, Power Bank is an effective product for people to

The price of
the Power Bank is cheap. In amazon, Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Candy bar-Sized
Ultra costs $17.99. No one appreciates the value of the material, until he or
she used for needed. Honestly, I never used it before I traveled to Germany.
When I traveled, I used it for charging my phone. Then I realize the values of
this machine, so after that I appreciate all the things that have done this
machine for me. Now, it sounds the most expensive material for me. With Power
Bank, everything becomes easy. Today, it is needed as the money. In fact, its
price does not matter as much as its value.

There are many
famous companies in many countries that make this product. According
to Global Power Bank Detailed Analysis Report 2017-2022, states that
the report center Global market, it covers subtle elements players districts
item sort and different points of interest as following: “Power bank(United
States), DULLA(United States), Aibocn(United States), Crave(United States),
KMASHI(United States), Tiergrade(United States), Innogie(United States),
EasyAcc(United States), Jackery(United States), Elivebuy(United States), ZOOM
dca(United States), Mophie(United States),, SAMSUNG(Korea), SONY(Japan),
PHILIPS(Netherlands), HUAWEI(China), Europe, Germany, United Kingdom, France,
Italy, Spain, Russia, Netherland, Poland, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia”
(n.p). This is important because it shows almost most of countries in world,
have companies that make Power Bank’s product. The most countries that have
lots of companies that make this product are China and the United States. The
Power Bank’s markets is spread in many countries, such as, ” U.S.A Market,
Canada,  Mexico, Europe, United
Kingdom,  Germany, France Russia , Rest
of Europe , Asia Pacific , China, Japan , India ,  Australia 2027- Rest of Asia-Pacific, Latin
America, Middle East & Africa (LAMEA) , Latin ” ( “Power Bank
Market Report 2017-2027” n.p). This is important because it shows how the
markets of Power Bank work well to attract the consumers’ attention.  When many countries make this product, this
shows the value of it, and shows how effective it is.

The strategy of
compare place work well. The Power Bank’s product comes in different styles and
shapes. It comes like a cover of the phones or a rounded shape. Every cellphone
has different shape of this product. For example, for Samsung 2, has different
shape or for Samsung 6 has different shape, same thing with the IPhones. There
are covers of this product that fit all the kind of cellphones. The covers of
this product come in different colors. The different will be is that this
product comes like a cover that has in it a small wire to charge the cellphones,
or like a rounded shape and has to do with plugging the cable into the machine
for charging the cellphones. The similarity, this product charge by the AC and
DC, and both can charge the cell phones without electricity if they are charged
well. If they are charged well, they can stay for a week. The similarities and
difference are that this product can come in different shapes, but both charge
the cell phones without electricity, which makes it as an effective product.

In conclusion, the Power Bank is the most useful product and it has
been proved by many professional people. This product is characterized that it
used to charge the phone and it came in small sizes. People found out that it
is beneficial product to use when they have long trip. For those who suffered
from the low battery, here is the Power Bank will resolve the problem. People
can carry this product in their machine in their wallet, their pocket, or in
their Walt to charge their phone. It is effective product because many
countries create famous companies to make this product. I think that this
product is worth, so people don’t appreciate this product until using it for
needed.  The price of it doesn’t matter
as much as the value of it. This product has different styles which also are
the reason of making people want to buy this product. The size can also attract
the customers, same as the price. The price of it, doesn’t cost lots of money
especially if people buy it online. Amazon or eBay, for example, they have
different kind of this product, they have covers with different colors, or
etc… with convenient price. . It comes like a cover of the phones in
different shapes and sizes, and it came like a rounded shape to plug the cable
to charge the phone. It comes in different shapes or as a cover of the
cellphone.  The similarities and
distinction are that this item can come in various shapes, yet both charge the
PDAs without power, which makes it as a viable item. In my opinion, this
product will get smaller, so it will be like a memory of the phone.