In this essay, I will be discussing the reasons nirvana never mind album is a classic. I will reference the history, context and cultural aspects of the albums well as my own and others opinions on the album itself, never mind is a million-dollar hit album so I’ll be focusing on; history, style, politics, culture, and opinion. The history of nirvana, in 1987 nirvana was started in Washington with the members Kurt contain, Krist and chad Channing, chad was the drummer on the debut album bleach (released in 1989). They began writing never mind after bleach went down well and began building a fan base, chad left and they replaced him with Dave Grohl, they continued to write what became their classic album. This album recorded and released by DGC records was not Kurt’s favorite, he liked the original DIY sound of bleach and found it embarrassing to listen to never mind. The public loved it with the album selling over 30million copies world wide, this was nirvana big break, they where a small-time Seattle band who were still playing 90 person venues, as quoted by Dave Grohl on the jimmy Fallon show. Nirvana where a teenage, drug and anger flued band who were taking the world by storm. This showed insight to mainly Kurt Cobain’s life as he was the leading man of the band, there’s a lot of anger in the short and shouty but well-spoken lyrics the are formed all the way from child hood to adult hood until the end of his life in 1994. The insight in to Kurt Cobain, I believe this is a big part of nirvana and their success, Kurt has always been talented according to all the family and friends who where quoted in the movie documentary ‘montage of heck’ most people believe this fueled his music career but unfortunately we will never fully know from his perspective as a lot of his music interviews he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol and we can never really get a clear image of what was in his head. But recollections from his loved ones Kurt had been a difficult child, not all due to his own course. His parents had split up when he was 9 years old causing a huge amount of distress to Kurt. He originally started showing problems with resentment for his step mother, he then began sofa surfing as he couldn’t deal with his mother or step mum, with personal differences. The drug abuse began and so did his intense relationship with the creative and musical arts. Throughout his musical career Kurt had suffered from drug problems and mental health problems, and had been admitted to rehab and attempted multiple times to commit suicide. The anger and feeling that he felt went into his music with songs for example; I hate myself and I want to die, territorial pissings and negative creep. Music all the way from the 50’s had had feeling put into it but this album and Kurtis feelings where on a whole different level, he put that much feeling into his music people knew what was going on in his life and fans began writing him letters of support. The style scene and how grunge took over. Grunge was everywhere, all famous 90’s designers were influenced with Kurt as there muse people like Marc jacobs and Vivienne Westwood were and still are hugely influenced by the rough, gender neutral, androgynous look, witch still exists today in our finally accepting world. Today, for example, every where you walk you will see people with an influence of grunge from denim jackets, ripped jeans, oversized jumpers, ‘cross-dressing’,