In the future, two young men known as James Olson and Gwen Husky are working for the DEO. The DEO is an organisation that protect the earth from alien threats. James needed to leave cause the hospital called to say that his mother was on the point of dying. Sadly, his mother did not make it.


And 1h later, every electronics from our planet gets a message from aliens of the solar system. – They are threatening us. Say James. The DEO could not call Gwen to hack the location of the aliens, because Gwen quitted the DEO. He quitted the organisation because he was scared of being beaten again, the first time that he got beaten was when the DEO was under attack. And he was not trained for that he was trained for computers and technology.

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But James was not gonna giving up on his best friend, so James called him and Gwen answered.- Hey Gwen I wanted to know if you could come down to the DEO and track down the aliens that are threatening the human population, Says James. And Gwen says No, I already said to Director Hanshaw that I quit. James responds – This is not about you getting beat up, do you know how much time I get beat up every mission, all of them. The world is counting on you, because if you don’t help they will be no human and no Earth. After that long speech from James, he accepted the DEO’s request. He built a spaceship that James and himself went on to go defeat the aliens.


James said – With all the fights and wars I was in, I have never been in one like this. Gwen says Imagine how I feel like and I’m not even going on the battlefield.-Wow wow wow!!! You are going to let me go on the battlefield alone, Says James.- Well ya cause I’m just the computer guy you know that right responded Gwen. James looks at him and says- You’re coming with me. They each take a blaster and forcefield shield. They bust through the Martians mother ship and defeat them.


The other planets surrendered because this was all the Martians doing. The Martians thought that the humans were overlooked because of their knowledge but the other planets did this because before the Martians were the strongest planet of all the solar system. And they all chose to become alise.


And they built a colony on Mars like there was no more Martians. They also put force fields all around their planet encase the future leaders want war again. And James at the end says to Gwen – You see you don’t always need to be scared. Gwen says I guess you’re right James, I guess you’re right…