In the article, “Climate Change Turned 99.8% of These Sea Turtle Babies into Girls” by Rafi Letzter is about a group of researchers conducting  study on January 8, 2018 about green sea turtles. Researchers had found that on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the sea turtles have been reproducing 99.8% female turles due to climate change. This is because sea turtles don’t have genetically determined sexes, like mammals, the sex is based on the climate. If the climate is warmer the sex will most likely be female and if the climate is cooler the sex will most likely be male. There is usually a 50-50% chance of either happening but, due to the elevated temperatures since the 1990s, there has been an exceedingly large amount of female turtles being reproduced. Researchers had proven their theories by beginning a new technique “Studying the turtles hormones”.  Since the sex of sea turtles aren’t entwined in their genetic DNA and they couldn’t use the easiest method of cutting them open, because it was unethical, the researchers had to use blood plasma samples and then observe and differentiate the female and male hormones. The effect this will have on the species isn’t clear yet to scientists and researchers. Females may have to seek out mates in southern parts or any other possibilities to make up for the loss of males. Researchers and scientists are trying to find a solution fast because this could lead to a population collapse or extinction. I chose this article because I thought it would be interesting to learn about sea turtles and why they were mostly producing females. I wanted to learn about a species that I hadn’t known anything about and I thought I would learn something very interesting. This news relates to science because it is about a group of researchers and scientists having a theory and then having to find a way to prove what they thought was correct. They had to go threw a process and research and find information about what there hypothesis was, so in a way they conducted an experiment. This information could be beneficial to researchers who study animals and marine biologists. This information could also help researchers who may have found this problem with other animals and it could lead to new discoveries. It is important that someone is studying this news because they species could be in danger and it’s good that people will now take notice and try to solve the problem at hand.