In our society today, you should be successfully educated and married with a husband and possibly  with kids and a good solid job that you love. However, Conforming to society can destroy your  individual state of being , a person should conform to society to be successful because in society you can lose things that are very helpful and important to you if you don’t conform . Conforming to society can help you get  out of tough situations . In this story The Crucible Arthur Miller uses Abigail, Reverend Parris, Elizabeth and John Proctor to show that people should conform and be individuals no matter the cost.     In the story The Crucible you should conform to society in order to be successful because if you don’t, it can cost you to lose very valuable and meaningful things. In Act 2 Elizabeth is going to jail because she was accused of doing witchcraft , John Proctor is upset because he feels as though he is losing his wife because of this situation . Proctor says ” I will bring you home, I will bring you soon” (Miller 101) . John Proctor is upset and frightened because his wife Elizabeth is being accused of doing witchery , but no one has proof of her doing witchcraft in the land . If Elizabeth confesses and blames it on someone else she will be set free . The court then asks John to confesses so he can  save his life as well . “Damn the village! I confess to God and God has seen my name on this! I?t is enough!” (Miller 131).  The court is trying  to get John Proctor to give more information on what actually happened but he is refusing to tell . If he doesn’t confess he can lose his life , this is why if you don’t conform to society you can lose things very meaningful to you . People should conform to society to get out of a bad situation like Abigail did in Act 1, Hale tells Abigail that her cousin dies he questions her and ask her if she had been talking to the devil. She then says ” I never called him! Tituba, Tituba” (Miller 84) . Abigail was scared because if anyone in the land found out she was doing witchcraft,  I?t would be severe consequences given to her.  Therefore, she decides to blame tituba , she then feels relieved . Reverend Hale then questions tituba severely about practicing witchcraft. Abigail then confesses, “and I say you lie devil!  “You lie! , and then  he come one stormy night to me , and says Look! I have white people belong to me and there was Goody Good “(Miller 86) . Tituba states that the devil had come to her but she rejected him . In this paragraph, Abigail is conforming because she is rejecting the devil which got her out of a bad situation . Another reason why people  should conform to society  to become successful is because society can destroy individualism . For example,  Reverend  Parris was scared for Abigail dancing in the woods , he did not want the town to find out . He says ” Abigail, I have fought here three long years to bend these stiff-necked people to me, and now  just now when some good respect is rising for me in parrish, you compromise my very character ” (Miller 69). Reverend Parris is telling Abigail it took him along time for him to get people to be on his side and agree with him. This is showing that the people were jumping to conclusions about Reverend  Parris , before he got to prove that he was a man of god . A second example, would be when Abigail lied to defend herself from getting in trouble. ” My name is good in the village!” ” I will not have it said, my name is solid” (Miller 69). Abigail is saving herself from people going around telling on her because she does not want to be known as a witch in the town. In This quote, it is showing that Abigail is afraid of being judged by everyone which is destroying her individuality.  Both of these examples are showing that society will destroy and judge you if you aren’t showing that you are fully representing for god. Conforming to society in order to be successful ,As I have read in the Crucible can destroy your individuality, but I?t can be worth I?t sometimes. Even if someone maybe conforming to society to get out of a bad situation that they might be in , so they will not lose the things that are very valuable to them or people who are trying to bring them down and destroy them. These are reasons why you should conform to be successful . The evidence that I have provided supports the thought of why you should conform to  society.