CodeIgniter is an Application Advancement framework – a
toolbox – for individuals who construct sites utilizing PHP. It will likely
empower you to create extends significantly speedier than you could in the
event that you were composing code starting with no outside help, by giving a
rich arrangement of libraries for ordinarily required errands, and also a
straightforward interface and coherent structure to get to these libraries.
CodeIgniter lets you innovatively concentrate on your venture by limiting the
measure of code required for a given undertaking.

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Where conceivable, CodeIgniter has been kept as adaptable as
could reasonably be expected, enabling you to work in the way you need, not
being constrained into working a specific way. The structure can have center
parts effectively stretched out or totally supplanted to influence the
framework to work the way you require it to. To put it plainly, CodeIgniter is
the pliant system that tries to give the devices you require while remaining
off the beaten path.


Codeigniter is right solution for you if:


You need a system with a little impression.

You require excellent execution.

You need a system that requires almost zero

You need a system that does not expect you to
utilize the command /charge line.

You need a structure that does not expect you to
stick to prohibitive coding rules.

You are not keen on extensive scale solid
libraries like PEAR.

You would prefer not to be compelled to take in
a templating dialect (despite the fact that a layout parser is alternatively
accessible on the off chance that you want one).

You shun unpredictability, favoring
straightforward arrangements. You require clear, careful documentation.