It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Lokesh for
admission to Master’s program at your university. I am an assistant professor
and have been working in our college for eleven years. My research interest is
in Embedded Systems and has published fourteen papers in various international
journals. I had taught Lokesh Microprocessors Theory and Embedded Systems fourth
and second semesters. I had noticed him from close quarters and have made
substantial observations. Many of these are my personal observations while some
of them are that of my associates.

Based on my observations in the class and interactions, I
have always found him to be enthusiastic, hard working and humble person. He
regularly discussed with his fellow students about the subjects and brought in
new ideas and suggestions for better learning. I have helped him and his team
members for the event Robot League held by IIT Madras. Although he participated
in various events, this event was distinguishing. The way he came up with the
ideas, spending long hours in lab while attending the regular coursework, maintaining
consensus in the team are commendable. Applying academic knowledge to realistic
tasks needs a thorough understanding of the concepts and a creative
touch-something I observed in him in this event.

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I was his adviser for his mini project and lab instructor
for Microprocessors lab. His mini project was Automatic Street Light System, based
on Embedded systems. I am glad to say that Lokesh is capable of planning and
executing his project work exceedingly well. He has a good sense of humour
which adds fun to the work.Because of his good analytical and interpersonal
skills he got a Campus Placement in his sixth semester. He is one of the 30
people who cleared five rounds out of more than 500 students participated. He
stays in touch with the faculty and visits college for training the final year
students for their placements. He refers the deserved students in his work